Administraon Building Meeng Room Request
Employee Name: Employee Department:
Phone #: Work Cell:
Meeng Name:
Conference Room: Tables, Chairs, Phone Training Room: Phone, Smart Board, Computer, Projector
2nd Floor 242 ___ (4 persons) 1st Floor 162 ___ (up to 100 persons)
243 ___ (4 persons) 2nd Floor 263 ___ (up to 16 persons)
254 ___ (8 persons) w/Drop-Down Screen 264 ___ (up to 16 persons)
262 ___ (10 persons) w/TV Monitor
Note: Any addional equipment necessary (including Tables or Chairs) for your meeng, please contact a CSR.
Don’t remove equipment from other Training / Conference rooms
Please nofy us 24hrs. for any cancellaons
Set Up Time: Meeng Time: to Clean Up Time:
Coffee: Tea: (24 hour advance noce)
Please note: The following Responsibilies are with the person booking the room
Set up – any changes that need to made for your meeng
• Re-set Up – room needs to be placed back to original set up
• Cleaning of room (cleaning supplies will be provided)
• Any damage to TTT Gov. equipment needs to be reported immediately
• Removal of all material
Addional Notes:
Date Requested
Consecuve Dates
(only if same me frame/room requirements)