Additional Special Student Admittance Information
Title 5 of the state Educational Code (48800.5) and 76001 (a), (b) and (h) indicates that minor students may take college
classes that are for “advanced scholastic or vocational education and for which they have demonstrated adequate
preparation in the discipline to be studied and have availed themselves of all opportunities to enroll in an equivalent
course at their school of attendance.” The intent is to provide educational enrichment opportunities for eligible minor
students. Students who enroll in college level classes will find them challenging; therefore, the student will need to
demonstrate that they can meet the academic requirements to enroll in the class.
Admissions Requirements:
Apply for admission online at Click "Apply Online” link, scroll to the bottom of page and click
on "Begin Application for Antelope Valley College".
Bring unofficial transcripts and completed Special Student Admittance form to the Admissions and Records
office. Transcripts and Special Student Admittance Form are required each semester.
Permission from AVC, a 2.5 cumulative GPA for academic courses and a 2.0 cumulative GPA for
vocational courses is required of all students.
Course Requirements may include:
Some performance classes have an audition requirement prior to enrollment.
For some classes there is an age limit, which is based on a state regulatory body.
Physical Education Classes: Minor students must have completed the 8th grade to enroll in a physical education
(PE) class. Only 10% of enrolled students in any section of a PE course may be comprised of Special Admit
Registration (With AVC Permission, limited online registration is available only during open registration):
Special Admit students must register online during open registration.
All prerequisites, co-requisites, and special requirements for a course must be met.
All applicable enrollment and material fees must be paid by published deadlines.
Special Admit students are not permitted to audit courses.
Special Admit students are not permitted to take Basic Skills Courses.
All students 14 and under need to meet with the Dean of Enrollment Services before enrolling at AVC.
Transcripts: All classes taken at AVC will appear on a student’s AVC transcript. If a student would like his/her school to
receive a copy of his/her transcript, it is the student’s responsibility to request an official transcript by completing a Transcript
Request Form at the Transcript Office.
Student Records / Privacy: California Education Code 49061 states that parents of community college students do
not have a right of access to their children’s student records, regardless of whether the student is under the age of 18.
In addition, Section 1232g of Title 20 of United States code states there is a general right of parental access to student
records, but not for college students, regardless of age. Therefore, Antelope Valley College cannot permit parent(s) to
request or obtain their child’s student records.
Denial: California Education Code 48800 (b): If the governing board denies a request for a special admit student, who is
identified as highly gifted, the board shall issue its written recommendation and the reasons for the denial within 60 days.
written recommendation and denial shall be issued at the next regularly scheduled board meeting that falls at least 30 days after the
request has been submitted.
STEP 1: Complete the online AVC Admission application (
STEP 2: Complete the AVC Special Admittance form (download and print from
STEP 3: Get a current unofficial copy of your middle/high school transcripts. (Must include GPA) **
**Homeschooled students must also bring a valid, current Homeschool affidavit
STEP 4: Email completed forms to the AVC Admissions and Records Office to (
STEP 5: Complete the Guided Self-Placement (GSP), if required. (
STEP 6: Apply for California College Promise Grant (CCPG) (
STEP 7: Register for courses during Open Registration online.
NOTE: STUDENT MUST BRING PHOTO I.D. with all documents submitted to Admissions & Records.
Parents turning in a form will need a copy of photo ID of Student and signed letter of authorization to turn in paperwork.
Part II: Principal Certification
After careful review, I certify that this student has demonstrated adequate preparation in the discipline to be studied and can
benefit from advanced scholastic and vocational education. For the summer semester, I also certify that this student does not
exceed the 5% statutory grade level limit of students recommended to attend AVC {Ed. Cd. 76001(i)}.
(Policy requires a 2.5 cumulative GPA for academic courses and a 2.0 cumulative GPA for vocational courses.)
For Office Use Only: AVC Admissions & Records Signature Date
CCPG Handout
Special Student Admittance Form
A new form is required for each semester.
Part I: Student Information
Select ONE year and term you are applying for: 20
Name: AVC SID: 900- DOB:
Last First M.I.
Phone #: ( )
Name of Local School: Grade level: Graduation date:
Parental Consent:
By signing below, I understand that AVC is an open, unsupervised, and adult-oriented learning environment. I also
understand that instructional materials in some courses may be unsuitable for children.
Students Signature Parental Approval Date
Principal / Designee Signature Date Name of School Student G.P.A
Part III:
Course Selection
ENGL 101
Approval for above course(s) does not guarantee course will be open at time of registration at AVC.
All courses taken at AVC must be college level and are for college credit.
Above list is subject to change.
Credit Courses Not Applicable to the Associate Degree and Certificate Programs
Special admittance minor students cannot take credit courses that are not applicable to the Associate degree and/or certificate
program, or courses that have enrollment limitations or restrictions. Many of the classes are listed below:
ENGL 090 Grammar and Mechanics
ENGL 100A Academic Strategies
ESL 018 ESL Reading & Writing 1
ESL 019 ESL Skills Building 1
ESL 020 ESL Vocabulary & Pronunciation 2
ESL 023 ESL Grammar 2
ESL 028 ESL Reading & Writing 2
ESL 030 ESL Vocabulary & Pronunciation 3
ESL 033 ESL Grammar 3
ESL 038 ESL Reading & Writing 3
ESL 040 ESL Vocabulary & Pronunciation 4
ESL 043 ESL Grammar 4
ESL 048 ESL Reading & Writing 4
ESL 050P ESL Vocabulary & Pronunciation 5
ESL 053 ESL Grammar 5
ESL 058 ESL Reading & Writing 5
ESL 099 Advanced Composition
LAC 020 Managing Writing Anxiety
LAC 098 Math for Nursing
LAC 099 Dosage Calculation
MATH 020 Managing Math Anxiety
MATH 021 Math Study Strategies
READ 095 Reading Skills
READ 099 Critical Reading
Rev. 6-6-2019