It is imperative that this form is completed in its entirety. Incomplete forms or applications missing required documentation cannot be
considered by the Credit Review Committee and will be returned to the student. Please allow 4-5 weeks for processing, after which time a
decision email will be sent to the student. Graduate Students: See your academic advisor for guest credit requirements and approval.
1. Complete the following information:
Student Name
Student ID
Email Address
Name of Previous Institution City State
Start & End Dates of Term
Previous Institution or Test Score
Lawrence Tech
Course Number & Title
LTU Course Number & Title
Committee Use
2. Attach required documents:
Detailed letter explaining the need for additional credit
Official course descriptions from the previous institution obtained from the institution’s course catalog or website
3. Read the following information:
False statements or misrepresentations made as part of an additional credit request are considered violations of the Academic Honor
Code/Student Code of Conduct and will be addressed accordingly. Any appeals in response to the denial of an additional credit request
MUST be in writing and submitted back to Enrollment Services.
Students must submit the Additional Credit Request form to Enrollment Services/Office of the Registrar at least one month before the
desired course begins. The Credit Review Committee reviews each request individually. Enrollment Services will notify the student via
email of the Committee’s decision.
For courses approved for additional credit, the student must receive at least a 2.0 in the course to have it transfer back to Lawrence Tech.
It is the student’s responsibility to have the official transcript sent to Enrollment Services/Office of the Registrar at Lawrence Tech. Until the
official transcript arrives, the credit will not be placed on the student’s transcript. In addition, only the course will transfer to Lawrence Tech,
not the grade. Lastly, approved guest credit courses may not be transferred back to Lawrence Tech to be used in grade point average
recomputation. That is, any previous grades earned in that course at Lawrence Tech will remain part of the student’s grade point average.
By signing this form, I confirm that I have read and understand the requirements for additional credit and agree to uphold the
standards of Lawrence Technological University.
Student Signature ____________________________________________________________ Date _________________
Enrollment Services Use Only:
Athlete Attribute: ________________ Date Received: ________________Date Prepped for Committee: ________________
Revised 4/9/20
*Handwritten Signature Required
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