Addendum to 2020-2021 Housing Agreement
The University of Tampa holds as paramount the health, safety, and welfare of our community. UT, however, cannot guarantee a
COVID-19 free environment. Taking steps to reduce the risk of COVID- 19 (or any other spread of disease or risk to our community) is
the shared responsibility of every member of our community. This means adhering to national, state, and local health guidelines and
requirements, and adhering to those measures UT deems safe and appropriate for the residence halls and campus.
As a residential student at The University of Tampa, the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) or similar public health crisis may impact the
residential experience as we continue to make public health-informed decisions. Acknowledging these changes to the traditional UT
residential experience, this addendum to the University of Tampa Student Housing Agreement provides detail about these shared
obligations, what may be expected and how changes may impact the residential experience. This addendum is applicable to all
residential students effective immediately. As always, we will endeavor to update you with timely information about specific health and
safety guidance important for our residential students.
Health and Safety
A. There is an inherent elevated risk associated with living in a community environment and students have a shared obligation to
prioritize health and safety for the benefit of the entire community. All students are strongly encouraged to monitor for fever through
daily temperature checks and self-assessment of COVID-19 signs and symptoms. Students who exhibit any signs or symptoms of COVID-
19 should contact the Dickey Health and Wellness Center (Health Center) for an appointment to determine whether a COVID-19 test or
self-quarantine is necessary.
B. Students must consider their own personal health status and increased risk factors inherent with community living, including the risk
of exposure or infection by COVID-19, when deciding to live on campus. Students with high-risk medical conditions are encouraged to
consult with their primary care provider or Health Center if they have any concern about living in on-campus housing, even with
reasonable accommodations. Students who require accommodation for a disability should follow the University’s reasonable
accommodation policy, which may be found here (Housing Accommodations-Student Disability Services). Appropriate medical
documentation will be required.
C. Residential students should practice hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. The CDC recommends handwashing with soap and
water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not readily available, hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol may be used.
Spitting/expectorating in public is not hygienic and therefore discouraged.
D. University staff will continue to clean and sanitize common areas of the residence halls as well as bathrooms in individual rooms. It is
the student’s responsibility to obtain their own cleaning supplies and keep personal living space in a sanitary condition. UT staff retain
the right to conduct health and safety inspections of the rooms.
A. Students must disclose to the Health Center immediately upon notification of positive COVID-19 test status or contact from Florida
Department of Health about exposure and instruction to quarantine or isolate.
B. Residential students are required to comply with University direction regarding quarantine or isolation. This may require removal
from an assigned room or building until it is deemed appropriate for the student to return to their assigned space. Quarantine or
isolation does not constitute cancellation of the Housing Agreement or relieve a student from their obligations under the Housing
Dining Services
A. Dining services, including where and how it will be offered, is subject to the discretion of UT Dining Services and is subject to
modification to address public health and safety concerns. Due to health and safety guidance already adopted or that may be adopted
by UT in the future, Dining Services may limit the occupancy of dining facilities, limit the amount of time students may reside within
dining facilities, or make other operational adjustments needed to address health and safety concerns for our community.
Amenities and Common Areas
A. UT may limit access to residential amenities and common areas for the health and safety of the community. Limited capacity will be
set for community space, study rooms, lounges, kitchens, laundry rooms, elevators, etc.
B. Community kitchens may be closed if students do not maintain sanitary conditions or properly store and discard food items.
C. Kitchen supplies, recreation equipment, and games will be unavailable for check out from residence hall front desks.
Guests and Visitors
A. Access to residential spaces are restricted to University students, faculty, and staff, and approved vendors.
B. No guests (non-UT student, faculty, or staff) are permitted in the residence halls. The exception to this will be during move in and
move out where each student will be allowed two (2) helpers to assist them. All helpers will be required to wear facial coverings while in
the residence hall and when physical distancing cannot be maintained.
A. Housing Agreement start and end dates and the length of Agreement will be adjusted to align with the University academic calendar.
B. Student-initiated room change requests may be restricted or limited after occupancy.
C. Upon reasonable notice, UT reserves the right to terminate Housing Agreements due to public health and safety emergency needs,
including COVID-19.
Protecting Our Community and the Need for Flexibility and Compliance
A University campus is a dynamic environment and our community’s health, safety, and welfare is an important concern to the
University. To address this concern, we require the flexibility to act as we deem necessary in the best interests of our University
community. Therefore, as the need may arise, the University reserves the right to, in its sole discretion, modify, revise, supplement,
rescind, suspend, terminate, or change its housing and campus policies, procedures, programs, activities and services, in whole or in
part, to the fullest extent permitted by law.
Students, including residential students, are required to comply with health and safety laws, orders, ordinances, pronouncements,
regulations and health and safety guidance adopted by UT as it relates to public health crises, safety issues, diseases, pandemics, strikes,
natural disasters, hurricanes, storms, fires, power outages, physical or structural dangers, and other events and circumstances outside
the University’s control, including COVID-19. Specific details and guidelines will be provided as circumstances dictate, but this may
include, and is not limited to: physical distancing, limitations on mass gatherings, wearing a face covering, contact tracing, disinfection
protocols, limitations on guests in residence halls, quarantine/isolation requirements (including before or upon arrival to campus), and
partial or total closure of University housing, dining, or the campus for any period of time in a particular semester. The University may
also require specific students to leave UT residence halls or the UT campus in the event such students’ continued presence poses a
health or safety risk to the residential or campus community. Restrictions or closures imposed by the University in response to COVID-
19 or any other circumstances set forth in this Paragraph does not constitute cancellation of the Housing Agreement or relieve any
student from their obligations, including their financial obligations, under the Housing Agreement or any other agreement with the
University and no refund of any housing, dining, tuition or other fees will be provided.
By agreeing to this Addendum, you understand and agree to its terms. The Housing Agreement and Addendum shall be interpreted
according to Florida law. The Housing Agreement and Addendum constitute the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to
the matters described, supersedes all prior understandings between the student and University of Tampa as to its subject matter, and
shall not be modified by any course of dealing or oral agreement. The exclusive venue for any claim arising out of this Agreement or its
Addendum, shall be in Tampa, Florida. This Agreement may be modified by the University of Tampa, from time to time, as long as the
University provides notice to your University email address or posts notice on the University website or other University bulletin board.
Any modification is limited to those policies and/or terms that are changed or added through the modification.
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