Activity/Facility Application Form
Permission is requested by the:
to sponsor a
(Name of Organization)
Facility Requested:
(Name or Type of Activity)
Date of Activity:
Time: From To
Practice Date: Time:
If transportation is needed, please complete an Authorization for Travel form.
Date_ Ext.
Activity Sponsor
Date Ext.
Building Supervisor
Date_ Ext.
Director of Physical Plant
Date Ext.
Assistant Vice President of Student Services
or Vice President for Forrest County Operations
** Activity/facility forms will not be considered valid without all required signatures.
If campus-wide activity, please check in order for activity to be placed on the Master Calendar.
Note: If facility is being requested by an outside agency, all required insurance information must be
attached to this form.
Special Equipment: If special equipment is needed, a work order form must be submitted to the Physical
Plant by the activity sponsor.