Accreditation Scheme for Museums
and Galleries in the United Kingdom
Mentor expression
of interest form
November 2018
We define an Accreditation Mentor as having:
A. At least three years working in museums, with experience at
curatorial/ managerial level
B. A commitment to your own learning and development to show
you keep your knowledge, skills and experience up to date
As Accreditation covers all aspects of a museum’s business it’s unlikely
you’ll have the full range of professional skills to advise on all areas with
the same level of expertise. Your experience can be across any of the three
areas of requirements within the standard: organisational health, managing
collections, or users and their experiences. You’re not expected to be an
expert on everything!
Whilst one museum professional must fulfil the role of Mentor to sign off
the museum’s Accreditation application, you don’t have to work alone. You
may invite colleagues to help on specific areas or bring relevant expertise
into the museum in other ways.
How do I become an Accreditation Mentor?
If you are interested in becoming a mentor, the first step is to
complete this form.
The information you provide will be reviewed against the published eligibility
criteria by your Accreditation assessing organisation.
What happens next?
Accreditation Mentors are appointed by individual museums, but we can
also help with getting started and finding a suitable match.
Once eligibility is confirmed, your contact details, key skills and the
geographical areas you would be willing to work in, will, with your
agreement, be made available to those museums seeking Accreditation
Mentor support.
How will my information be used?
Any personal information you provide will be used purely for the
purpose of considering eligibility as an Accreditation Mentor for the
Accreditation Scheme.
No personal information provided will be published unless as otherwise
required by law and all data will be handled in accordance with the General
Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018. For more
information contact
What experience do I need?
Please list below those areas of activity undertaken by a museum that
you consider to be your key skills:
Contact Details
Key Skills
What experience do I need?
First Name:
Last name:
Job title/position:
Telephone number:
Email address:
Please indicate whether these details are personal or business:
Standard requirements Tick
Organisational health
1 Appropriate governance and management
2 Planning and resource planning
3 Assessing and managing risks
Managing collections
4 Holding and developing collections
5 Collections documentation
6 Collections care and conservation
Users and their experiences
7 Museum access
8 Audience development
9 Learning, public engagement and
A) Experience
Please detail your relevant professional experience
Role Organisation Start Date End date
Brief description of responsibilities
Role Organisation Start Date End date
Brief description of responsibilities
Role Organisation Start Date End date
Brief description of responsibilities
Role Organisation Start Date End date
Brief description of responsibilities
A) Experience B) Learning and development
To meet the criteria, you’ll need to provide evidence that you’re committed
to your learning and development by keeping your museum skills,
knowledge and experience up to date.
We’ll ask for some examples of how you’re keeping up to date with your
professional knowledge, skills and sector trends.
You could attach your CV, a learning log, tracker, or CPD plan if
that’s easiest.
Alternatively, please describe a few examples here of what you have learnt
and how you might apply it to your mentoring role.
Learning log
What was the
development or
learning activity?
What did you learn
or how might you
apply it?
Where would you like to mentor a museum?
Museums are responsible for finding their own mentor but we can help give
you more information about how to go about this and what’s involved.
Let us know which country, region or area you’d like to mentor in.
For example, UK, Scotland, South West
A) Declaration
Who do I contact?
Send the completed form to your relevant Accreditation
assessing organisation.
Arts Council England
Email to
Museums Galleries Scotland
Email to
Welsh Government
Email to (English)
Email to (Welsh)
Northern Ireland Museums Council
Email to