Tuition Payment Plan – Fall 2020 (Fillable Form)
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The North Hennepin Community College Tuition Payment Plan allows a student to begin their credit classes
even though they are not able to pay their tuition in full by the due date. The following terms and conditions
pertain to the payment plan
Book charging is not available with this payment plan. Please use Nelnet if you need to include books in
addition to tuition in a payment plan. Nelnet is only available online.
How to apply for the payment plan:
1. Register for classes.
2. Complete (type) this form. Read carefully before signing.
3. Return this form, the deposit and $30 non-refundable payment plan fee to Accounting & Fees.
4. Retain a copy for your records.
1. I understand that I must make an immediate deposit of at least 15% of my balance or $300 (whichever is less) and
pay the $30 non-refundable payment plan fee to the Accounting & Fees office to maintain my class registration. I
understand that the deposit will be applied towards my tuition and fees and that the $30 payment plan fee is an
additional charge. Submit the completed form to from your NHCC email, directions to make
the payment will be emailed to you. This payment plan is not valid until the down payment is made.
2. I understand that I must have my total tuition paid in full by November 20, 2020. Note: There is no required
schedule of payments, but regular payments are recommended. If my balance is not paid in full by the due date,
my account will be assessed a $50.00 late fee.
3. I understand my balance is available through eServices and I am responsible for viewing this information.
Reminders will only be sent by email, (make sure you have a valid student email account). No reminders will be
sent by mail.
4. I understand that I will be dropped from future terms if my balance is not paid in full by the due date. I will not be
allowed to register, to obtain a transcript or graduate until my balance is paid in full.
5. If I register for classes, but will not be attending those classes, I am responsible for dropping my classes via
6. If I withdraw from classes, I will be responsible for any tuition and fees due based on the refund schedule (refer to
the Course Schedule or Refund Policy for more information).
7. I understand that failure to pay tuition in full by November 20, 2020 will result in my account being referred to a
collection agency and I will be responsible for all penalties and fees but my current classes will not be dropped.
8. I must maintain a current address and email with the college; any changes need to be made via eServices.
9. I understand if my check for the down payment is returned by the bank, this payment plan is void, my classes will
be dropped immediately and I will owe a $60.00 balance to the college ($30 non-refundable payment plan fee and
a $30 returned check fee). A HOLD will also be placed on my student account.
My name, which I have typed below, is my legally binding signature, per Minnesota Statutes, section 325L.07. I
swear (or affirm) under penalty of perjury that I have carefully read and understand each of the above
statements, agree to all terms and conditions as stated and that all of the information I provided on this form is
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