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Acceptance Confirmation for International Students
Starting semester: ____ Fall 2020 (September) ____ Winter 2021 (January) ____ Spring 2021 (April)
Congratulations again on your acceptance to Monroe College! We look forward to welcoming you to campus. Please
read this form carefully, sign it, and submit it to us within 30 days of acceptance with $100 U.S. Acceptance
Confirmation Fee (Non Refundable) to reserve your place in our incoming class. Once submitted, this signed form
will serve as your enrollment commitment to Monroe College. It also certifies that you and your sponsor(s) have
read and understood the information outlined below.
Your Next Steps in the Registration Process:
1) College and University Transcripts (If applicable): Monroe College’s Admissions Committee may accept a
student based on a review of unofficial college and university transcripts. It is the applicant’s responsibility
ensure that official and final transcripts are received by Monroe College before registration. College credits will
only transfer to Monroe through official transcripts in sealed envelopes.
2) Evidence of Completion of Secondary School or Equivalent (If applicable): An accepted student in their last
year of secondary school must show proof of graduation or its equivalent prior to registration.
3) Placement Test: On arrival at the college, students who have not completed a college-level Math and English
course (with a grade of C or better) will be required to take a Placement Test to assess appropriate placement.
Students with SAT scores of 500 or more in each section (verbal, math and writing) are exempt from the
placement test requirement.
4) Immunization Records: Students must submit their immunization record to the College’s admissions office pri
to registration for classes. This is a law in New York state for every college student. (Refer to Health Assessment
5) Payment of Tuition/Fees: Each semester’s tuition payments and fees are due prior to registering for classes.
Students are required to satisfy their first semester financial obligations prior to (or at the time of) their arrival
at the College to avoid registration delays. Fees may be paid in cash, bank draft, international money order, wire
transfer or credit card. Please note
By signing below, you acknowledge and confirm that:
You have reviewed the Estimated Expense Statement with your financial sponsor(s).
You acknowledge and understand that it is your responsibility to provide Monroe College with evidence of
financial ability prior to issuance of the I-20 form.
Student’s Name (please print): ___________________________________________
Student Signature Parent Signature (If Applicable) MM / DD / YY
_______________________________ ________________________________ ____ /____ /____