Academic Suspension
Enrollment Appeal
Name: Student ID#:
Requested term of enrollment:
To maintain satisfactory academic progress at The College of the Florida Keys, students,
including dual enrollment students, must achieve a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0.
Students who have attempted seven (7) or more college credits with less than a 2.0 cumulative
GPA (not including college preparatory courses) will be placed on academic probation. Students
who remain on academic probation for more than two consecutive terms will be placed on
Students on academic suspension are prohibited from enrolling in any credit courses for a
minimum of one (1) college semester. Students requesting re-admission without serving the one
(1) semester suspension may submit an appeal to the Student Services Appeals Committee.
Appeals must be based on extraordinary circumstances that occurred during the student’s
probationary semester and must include documentation to support the special circumstances.
Students are only allowed one appeal approval for academic suspension during their
enrollment at CFK.
Deadline: Within two (2) weeks of notification of academic suspension status.
All requests must include the below items and are the responsibility of the student.
Requests submitted without the following information and documentation will be returned.
A Letter of Explanation: Attach an explanation as to why you have not maintained
satisfactory academic progress in the past. This should include a written explanation of
circumstances that is the reason for your appeal. Your letter must explain why you were
not successful in each of the previous terms you were on probation, and what steps you
are taking to ensure success if your appeal is approved.
Documentation to support your appeal.
Copy of student transcript.
Educational plan signed by Academic Advisor: You must meet with your academic
advisor to discuss your educational plan and strategies for success.
Students approved for enrollment while on academic suspension will not be allowed to register
for future term until grades are posted and a new GPA is calculated and eligibility for further
enrollment is determined. Students, including dual enrollment students, will be removed from
academic probation or suspension when their cumulative grade point average becomes 2.0 or
greater. Students who are permitted to enroll while on academic suspension are limited to a
maximum of six credit hours for the requested semester.
75.59(F) Revised 9/20/2019
Name: Student ID#:
Please Note: Permission to enroll while on academic suspension has no effect on your
student financial aid. If you are receiving financial aid, veteran’s benefits or are an
international student, please check with the appropriate office to determine if your request
will affect your benefits or status.
I understand that:
I am requesting an exception to CFK Academic Suspension policy.
I have read the information regarding this process and understand the conditions
established for this request to be considered by the Student Service Appeal Committee.
Appeals received without proper documentation will be returned and not reviewed until
proper documentation is provided to the Committee and this could jeopardize the
timeliness of the Committee’s decision.
It is my responsibility to monitor my CFK email account for any correspondence from
the committee regarding this appeal.
The Committee has the right to seek relevant input regarding this appeal from other
college departments, including instructors, and use this information in their decision-
I accept the decision of the Student Services Appeals Committee as final and not
subject to further appeal within the college.
By signing below, I certify that I have read and understand all of the information on this form. I
further certify that all statements and documentation provided by me in support of this appeal are
truthful and representative of the facts.
Students signature: Date:
CFK Student Services Appeals Committee
The College of the Florida Keys, 5901 College Road, Key West, FL 33040
Phone: (305) 809-3215 Fax: (305) 292-5163
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