Academic Recovery Plan
Fall ___ Spring ___
d by appeal ___Financial Aid Suspension
(Administrators, please check all that apply)
Cum. GPA _______ Last Se
m. GPA _______ Completed _______ Attempted _______
The purpose of an Academic Recovery Plan (ARP) is to identify factors that may have
contributed to a
student's lack of academic success and define steps that the student can take to
overcome those factors and
become more successful. In addition, students on an ARP will be
required to connect with faculty and
staff members on campus that will assist them in identifying
and completing their goals.
Please download this for
m, complete all of the shaded areas, and email the completed form to
Peterman in the LEAP office at before your first meeting.
This form must
be received prior to your initial meeting. Consult your CampusPortal account
for information regarding
class schedule, GPA calculations, and transcript.
Name: ____________________________________ Student ID: ___________________
Email: _______________________________ Preferred Phone: _______________
_____________________________ Advisor: ____________________________
Worksheet for GPA Recovery
(Repeat y/n)
GPA needed at the end of the semester to raise cumulative GPA to a 2.00:
Usee GPA
calculator tool in CampusPortal under Academics)
Is this possible and/or realistic? Yes No
If I earn the target grade for each course, my semester GPA will be and my
GPA will be _____.
If I complete target credits,
my completion rate will be . (Contact Student Records
Problems that contributed the academic issues: (identified by student)
Health and Support Career
___Physical illness or injury ___Unsure of interests
___Housing/roommate issues ___No career goals
___Dating or other relationship issues ___Unable to decide on a major
___Diversity issues ___Other:
___Feel high anxiety
___Homesickness Academics
___Victim of crime ___Test anxiety
___Trouble making friends ___Lack of study skills
___Lack of support from family or friends ___Insufficient reading skills
___Use of alcohol or other substance abuse ___Insufficient math skills
___No meaning to life ___Insufficient writing skills
___Trouble dealing with stress ___Poor note taking
___Feel overwhelmed much of the time ___Unable to understand course material
___Feel sad or “blue” most of the time ___Too heavy a course load
___Other: ___Other:
Effectiveness Managing commitments
___Poor organizational skills ___Difficulty with time management
___Poor study environment ___Difficulty managing family and school
___General laziness with course work ___Too many credits
___Too much leisure time or recreation ___Working too many hours
___Procrastination in school and personal life ___Athletic department commitments
___Challenges with making decisions ___Too many extracurricular activities
___Underestimated challenge of college ___Poor class schedule
___Other: ___Other:
Commitment to Graduation Finances
___Not sure I want to be in college ___Not enough money for school expenses
___Not sure Rocky is the right place for me ___Challenges paying bills
___Came to college to please a family member ___Poor budgeting skills
___The time to graduation seems overwhelming ___Family financial obligations
___Other: ___Other:
School Community
___Cultural barriers
___No connections with faculty
___Not using tutoring services
___Can’t find tutoring services
___Difficulty with books/other course materials
___Difficulty transition to college
How have you addressed the problems that contributed to academic issues:
1. _____________________________________________________________________
2. _____________________________________________________________________
3. _____________________________________________________________________
4. _____________________________________________________________________
5. _____________________________________________________________________
Recovery Plan Actions / Conditions of Continued Enrollment at RMC:
____ Register for no more than 13 credits and earn a semester GPA of _______.
____ Successfully complete all classes for which you are receiving financial aid. Grades of “F,”
“W,” “IP,” or “I” are not considered successful completion of a course.
____ Meet with your academic advisor: ____Weekly ____Bi-monthly ____Monthly
____ Meet with health services staff.
____ Meet with SAS tutor: ____Weekly ____Bi-monthly _____Monthly
____ Register for and pass IDS 120: College Study Skills
____ Meet with director of career services to discuss career/major options
____ Meet with Cynthia
Hutchinson, coun
____ Attend drop-in tutoring
____ Attend every class, except in extraordinary circumstances
____ Check CampusPortal account, RMC email, and mailbox regularly to stay on top of course
scheduling, deadlines, and other pertinent information.
____ Repeat courses with grades of “Dor “F,” within the limits of the Repeat Policy.
Other Requirements:
I understand that if I do not complete all of the requirements set forth in this Academic Recovery
Plan, I jeopardize my ability to remain at Rocky Mountain College and/or to receive financial aid.
I commit to doing my best to make the changes necessary for my academic success.
Student: Date:
Director of LEAP: ____________________________________________ Date: _____________