University of the Incarnate Word
Office of Financial Assistance
Academic Progress Recovery
Per federal regulation, you are required to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards established by UIW that
measure your progress toward degree completion using both qualitative and quantitative methods. SAP is initially
evaluated at the end of the spring semester.
Failure to maintain these standards could result in the suspension of your
financial aid.
The full policy is available online at
Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards and Minimum Requirements:
Qualitative Standards
Undergraduate Students: Maintain a cumulative
GPA of
Graduate Students:
Maintain a cumulative GPA
Quantitative Standards
Complete a minimum of
of your cumulative attempted coursework
Maximum Time Frame
Hours attempted may not exceed
of the published length of your program
Quantitative Standard: Completion Rate:
You must successfully complete a cumulative minimum of 75% of all
attempted coursework, including hours transferred in from another school and accepted towards your current degree
program. If the number of cumulative completed hours drops below 75% of attempted hours, you will no longer be
eligible for aid.
Grades of A through D-, P, and S
count towards hours completed.
Not Completed
Grades of F, NG, IP, and U
do not
count towards hours completed.
Remedial courses
count towards hours completed.
Transferred hours
count in the hours for completion rate, as well as Maximum Time Frame.
Dropped courses that do not result in a W will not count towards hours attempted/hours earned.
Dropped courses that do result in a “Wafter the published 100% Drop Date will count as attempted
hours for completion and will count towards the Maximum Time Frame.
imum Time Frame for Financial Aid Purposes by Degree Program: You may not attempt more than 150% of the
number of hours required for your degree, as published in the University Catalog. If the published number of hours
required is 120, you may not attempt more than 180 hours (128 x 1.50 = 180) and continue to receive financial aid. If the
number of attempted hours reaches 150% of the hours required for graduation, OR it becomes mathematically impossible
for you to graduate before attempting 150% of the hours required for your degree, you will no longer be eligible for
financial aid.
Change of Academic Major/Pursuit of a Double Major or Minor:
If you have a change of academic major or
pursue multiple majors and minors, you may provide updated degree plans, however there is not additional financial
aid funding beyond their federal aggregate limits.
If your SAP appeal is approved, you will be placed on probation for the following semester and your
academic progress will be monitored to ensure your meet the conditions of your academic plan until such time as
you are meeting/exceeding the cumulative requirements.
Denied Appeals:
If your SAP appeal is denied, you are no longer eligible to receive federal, state or institutional
financial aid until you are able to meet SAP guidelines. A denial from the SAP committee is
. Appeals
submitted after the allowable time frame will not be considered. Please contact the Office of Financial Assistance
with any questions by email at
4301 Broadway, Box 308
San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone: (210) 829-6008
Fax: (210) 283-5053
Revised 04/2020
According to our records, at least one of your requirements for SAP has not been met. You are able to appeal
unsatisfactory progress by completing Steps 1-4 and providing supporting documentation. Additional information about
the SAP policy can also be found online at:
All sections must be completed,
and DegreeWorks printout & supporting documentation attached, or the appeal will be returned without review.
Step 1: Appeal Statement & Supporting Documentation
You must explain in detail the issues affecting your ability to meet SAP standards
please be sure to
indicate if you were impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, and how it affected you.
You must describe how you have resolved these issues and what you are doing to prevent them from
recurring. Simply stating your need for financial aid is not grounds for approval of your appeal.
You must demonstrate that you understand the SAP policy and academic requirements for aid.
You must attach supporting documentation (i.e. medical bills, letter from third party, etc.) to corroborate
your statement.
(two-sided document)
University of the Incarnate Word
Office of Financial Assistance
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal
4301 Broadway, Box 308
San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone: (210) 829-6008
Fax: (210) 283-5053
Step 2: Anticipated Enrollment
Indicate your anticipated enrollment for the upcoming Academic Year. The enrollment indicated will be
used to determine the Academic Plan that you will be required to follow if your appeal is approved.
Successful completion of your Academic Plan is
in order for you to continue to receive aid.
List the number of hours you anticipate enrolling in for each upcoming semester:
Summer: Fall: Spring:
Step 3: Degree Plan
You must attach a copy of your degree plan from DegreeWorks. Log on to Cardinal Apps to find the
Degree Works app and submit a PDF copy along with appeal packet.
Step 4: Certification Statement
I understand that I am currently not meeting SAP requirements. The federal and state governments require that all
students meet SAP requirements to qualify for financial aid.
I understand the submission of this appeal does not guarantee and approved for financial aid.
understand if my appeal is:
o Approved, I will be granted aid on a semester by semester basis. I will be placed on an Academic Plan
with requirements that must all be met at the end of each semester. I will be sent an email to my UIW
email address to notify me of my SAP Academic Plan Agreement, which will allow me to continue
receiving aid for future semesters as long as all conditions of the Academic Plan are met.
o De
nied, I will not receive financial aid and will make alternative payment arrangements. I cannot appeal
this denial. I understand that in order to regain my financial aid eligibility I must meet the minimum SAP
I understand I must abide by the Academic Plan provided by the Office of Financial Assistance in order
to continue receiving financial aid.
I understand that all coursework taken towards my Academic Plan must be part of my DegreeWorks requirements
or preapproved for substitution by my Academic Advisor.
My signature certifies that I understand and agree to the items above.
Student Signature: Date: