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History Minor
21 Total Credits
A total of 21 credits in history, at least 9 credits from courses numbered 300 or above. Coursework must include the
Required courses (3 credits):
Course Course Title
Credits Grade
Planned to Take
HIST 256
Introduction to Historical Research and
Writing- Hist. of Wisconsin
HIST 330 Envisioning World History
Geographic Distribution Areas (9 credits required):
Notes: Complete one three-credit course from at least three of the following seven geographic areas. Each catalog
description of history courses includes a code number indicating the geographic areas the course fulfills: Code 1-United
States History; Code 2-European History; Code 3-African History; Code 4-Latin American History; Code 5-Asian History;
Code 6-Middle Eastern History; Code 7-World History. Courses cannot be used to fulfill more than one geographic code.
History Minor
Academic Plan of Study
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