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Academic Petition: Pass/No Pass
In an effort to provide relief to students from the challenges created by COVID-19, Edison State Community College is
offering a new grading option for students who may be concerned about their grades in the Spring 2020 semester. Edison
State will allow students to petition to have their individual course grades converted to P (Pass) or NP (No Pass).
Important Considerations:
1. Grades B and C will convert to P (Pass).
2. Grades D and F will convert to NP (No Pass).
3. There will be no limit on the number of courses a student can convert to P/NP. However, it may not be the best
option for every student or every course.
4. Pass and No Pass are not used in GPA calculations of academic standing at Edison State Community College.
5. Consider how P/NP might affect GPA calculations for financial aid, academic program requirements, post-graduation
opportunities for licensure, employment, out-of-state transfer, and transfer to private schools.
1. Faculty will post grades by May 12, 2020.
2. Student reviews their course grades.
3. Student must submit the Academic Petition: Pass/No Pass to
by June 30, 2020.
4. The Registrar’s Office will forward the petition to the student’s advisor for approval. The advisor will consult with the
student and either support or not support the petition. Expect to have a conversation with your advisor.
5. The advisor will return the petition to
. The Registrar’s Office will update the student
record and notify the student by Edison State e-mail of the results.
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Student Agreement: I have been advised of the potential ramifications of Pass/No Pass grading, and in deciding to
exercise this option, I accept full responsibility for any future consequences of the grade I have earned.
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