Academic Information
Beginning with 9th grade, list ALL high schools, colleges and universities, including summer schools, you have
attended, including the institution you are currently attending.
Name City/State/Country
Dates Attended
From To
Type of degree or
(earned or expected)
When do/did you graduate from high school? (month/year) _______ /______
High School is
public private home school early college high school
Have you or will you take any of the following: please list all dates (month/year), including future testing
and current scores.
AT YES NO Date _________________ Score ______________
ACT YES NO Date _________________ Score ______________
AP EXAMS YES NO Date _________________ Score ______________
IB EXAMS YES NO Date _________________ Score ______________
TOEFL YES NO Date _________________ Score ______________
IELTS YES NO Date _________________ Score ______________
List all courses in which you are currently enrolled. If not currently enrolled, check here and answer the
questions below this shaded box.
Course Title (also list course number if college level) Unit of Credit
List any other courses you expect to take before entering Meredith College.
Course Title (also list course number if college level) When/Where Unit of Credit