Academic Improvement Plan Form
Name: NAU ID: NAU Email:
Advisor/Faculty Mentor: Program (ex. Biology, MS):
To be completed by the student:
Please provide an explanation of the circumstances that led to the low grade(s) earned.
Describe the course of action taken to bring you back into good academic standing and the tangible
changes you have made to ensure you only earn grades of A and B for the remainder of your degree.
Graduate students must meet the requirements of Good Academic Standing in order to be eligible to
continue in or to return to the University. Good Academic Standing is demonstrated by:
a 3.00 grade point average (GPA) for all courses taken including those required in the program of
no more than 6 units of “C” course grades for a master’s or doctoral degree (DPT, OTD,and
MPAS programs allow up to 11 units of “C” grades) and no more than 3 units of “C” course
grades for graduate certificates,
no course grades of “D” or “F.”
For students who have earned a D, F, or exceeded the maximum amount of C grades, please indicate
which course(s) you will retake, including the term and year you expect to complete them (ex. ABC 123,
Fall 2019). If your advisor has approved a substitution for one (or more) of these courses, indicate those
specific course details here. (Students who have only met, but not exceeded, the maximum amount of C
grades, may disregard this section.)
For students who currently hold or expect to be granted a graduate assistantship, please describe how
you will continue to meet the demands of your coursework and the responsibilities of your graduate
assistantship. (This section is not required for students without a graduate assistantship.)
Additional comments (optional):
Student Acknowledgement:
My signature below indicates that I have met with my advisor/faculty mentor to discuss and review
the terms of my Academic Improvement Plan.
I understand that I must have a 3.00 cumulative grade point average (GPA) for all courses, as
well as a 3.00 GPA for the courses required on the Program of Study, in order to be in good
academic standing and be eligible for graduation.
I understand that no grades of D
or F may be used towards my degree requirements.
I understand that, if I retake a letter-graded course, the grade will not
be replaced on my
transcript; if a letter-graded course is retaken, both grades are used in the computation of
cumulative GPA.
If I fail to meet these conditions, I understand that I may be dismissed from the degree program,
per the Graduate College Academic Continuation and Dismissal policy.
Name (printed) Signature*
Advisor/Faculty Mentor Acknowledgment:
I have met with this student and discussed the different aspects of this plan. The student has
been informed of the specific details regarding any courses that must be retaken, if applicable.
Advisor/Faculty Mentor
Name (printed)
Department Chair/Director
Name (print
ly s
igned/approved Academic Improvement Plans may be sent by the academic unit to for final review and approval by the Graduate College.
* Physical or electronic signatures may be accepted. Electronic approvals must be sent via email from an official
NAU email address stating that the Academic Improvement Plan is approved for the individual student.
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