Updated, Spring 2020
Coversheet for Submitting a petition to Academic Hearing Board
Student ID:
Cell Phone Number:
I am submitting a petition to Academic Hearing Board for the following issue:
Retroactive Withdrawal This is asking for us to retroactively withdraw you from a course or courses. This is
typically due to some type of circumstances (injury, illness) that impacted your ability to complete the term and you
are asking to backdate your withdrawal to that date. You will need to explain the rationale/circumstances and
provide documentation.
Term (Semester):
Date you are asking to backdate your withdrawal:
Are you asking for W grades:
Are you asking for all courses this term:
Are you requesting a tuition refund:
(This requires a consultation with Financial Aid prior to
hearing by the board, and this can only be done when
requesting that the W happens within the refund period
for any given semester)
Late Registration This is asking for us to add additional course registration(s) to a specific term, typically due to
some error of not getting registered. Most often these cases are able to be handled administratively without
appeal. If you have written permission from an instructor to be added to a course, take that to the Office of the
Registrar first. If not able to be handled administratively, continue with the petitioning process. In order for your
petition to be considered, you will need to have supporting documentation from the faculty member(s) of the
course(s) and confirmation of your attendance and participation in that/those course(s). You also need to list the
specific course(s) you are requesting to add.
Additional Term Probation This is asking for us to not enforce academic suspension, but instead grant an extra
term of academic probation. You’ll need to complete the Academic Plan as a part of your petition (Supplement B)
Request to participate in commencement This is asking to participate in commencement with more than our
allowed requirements not complete (up to two requirements remaining). You will need to explain the
rationale/circumstances and provide documentation to support your request.
Other Academic Hearing Board hears all petitions relating to exceptions to academic policies. Please state what
you are specifically asking for here and then submit a personal statement explaining the rationale/circumstances
with documentation as appropriate for your request.
I am asking Academic Hearing Board to consider: ___________________________________________________
Updated, Spring 2020
What else to submit:
Personal Statement
All petitions should include the completed coversheet, a typed personal statement explaining in detail your circumstances
requiring or leading to this petition. Personal statements should not exceed 2 pages.
Supporting Documentation
It is expected that you provide documentation to support any extenuating circumstances that are resulting in this appeal.
This can include, but is not limited to, medical documentation, letters of support from faculty/staff, and any required
supplements (financial, academic plan, etc). For medical documentation, you do not need to disclose private medical
information if you do not want to, we simply need confirmation of seeking medical attention, dates of appointments, or
services, etc. Please discuss with the Board chair if you have questions.
Materials can be submitting electronically to studentsuccess@Otterbein.edu.
Materials must be submitted by the Friday before a meeting (typically on Thursdays). If you have questions
about the schedule, when materials are due, or when the next meeting is, please contact
Detailed information, including the annual meeting schedule, current list of members, the Academic Hearing Board Manual,
and copies of all pertinent documents can be found online at www.otterbein.edu/studentsuccess.
By signing this form you are acknowledging that you have read and understood the Academic Hearing Board Information
and understand both the process and conditions under which my petition will be heard.
Updated, Spring 2020
General Information about Academic Hearing Board
Submission of materials
Materials must be submitted prior to the meeting (typically submission on Friday for the following Thursday meeting) in
order to be included on the agenda. This includes the coversheet, your personal statement and any supporting
documentation (including letters of support, supplements for specific petition types, etc.)
What to Expect at the Meeting
Students are not required to attend the hearing, but are highly encouraged to do so.
Students wait in a waiting room while the meeting proceeds. Students are brought into the meeting room in the order in
which their case appears on the agenda. We cannot predict exactly how long the meeting with run or when exactly your
case will be heard due to the variable nature of each case. We ask that you be patient and bring something to do while you
Petitioner/Student Rights
Petitioners may have a faculty member, administrator, or student appear at the hearing in an advisory capacity. The
adviser may not be a legal counselor or anyone from outside the University community.
To request that a particular board member(s) not hear the case.
To call witnesses in your behalf and to confront any other witnesses before the judicial body.
To remain silent, or to have your case heard without attending the hearing.
To inquire about the procedure for future appeals, and if such inquiry is made, to be informed of the procedure for
Students can receive a verbal result of their case the morning immediately following their case (it is the responsibility of the
student to call the Center for Student Success to receive that information). Students will receive formal notice, in writing
via email, within 48 hours of the meeting. The email sent date/time is the time used to measure the window of availability
to appeal a decision.
Financial Impact
It is important to understand that some appeals, usually those involving retroactive withdrawals, can have an impact to
your financial aid and/or billing from the term involved. Academic Hearing Board will not use that financial information as a
deciding factor in the case, but you can decide if you want to proceed knowing the financial impact. We require that you
complete the Financial Aid Supplement for any cases involving retroactive withdrawals (or courses or full term). When in
doubt, it is always best to check with Financial Aid before submitting your petition.
Any petitions that are denied will be given a written reason and provided information on the Appeals Process. It is important
to note that disagreement with the decision is not grounds for appeal. Students have 7 days from receipt of their decision to
submit an Appeal.
Hearing Restrictions/Process Notes
There is a two year statute of limitations on any petitions.
Petitions to begin a new registration for a term (Meaning no previous or current courses enrolled during that term), will not
be heard after the third week of the term.
Updated, Spring 2020