75.59(B) Revised 9/20/2019
Academic Amnesty Appeal
Name: Student ID #:
Age of Coursework: Students with The College of the Florida Keys (CFK) enrollment and/or transfer
credit that is ten (10) years of age or older may seek Academic Grade Amnesty (AGA) from the effects of
those credits on their cumulative grade point average.
Result of Amnesty Approval: Academic Grade Amnesty may be granted only once in a student’s
academic career at the College. If granted, AGA applies to all credits and grades that are ten years of age
or older. The forgiveness includes transfer work that is ten or more years of age. Students may not select
specific terms, specific courses or specific grades. AGA will apply to all coursework ten years of age and
older from the date the request is submitted. The student granted AGA will not be permitted to count any
of those credits toward graduation, program completion, or pre-requisite requirements. All other
restrictions relating to repeating courses and maximum attempts will remain in force despite the granting
of AGA, and compliance with other applicable College policies will be expected.
Important Note Regarding Previously Earned Degrees And Certificates: If you have already earned a
degree or a certificate at the College, Academic Grade Amnesty will not be permitted if it results in the
forgiveness of courses used for the degree or certificate.
Official College of the Florida Keys Transcript and Transfer Information: All courses and grades earned
for which AGA has been granted will remain on the official CFK transcript. However, these grades will
not be used in the calculation of the grade point average, and a notation of the Academic Grade Amnesty
will be posted to the student’s record. Because the courses and grades will remain a part of the student’s
academic record, colleges and universities to which the student transfers may not “forgive” the grades.
Other institutions may continue to consider the older credits and grades when evaluating the student’s
CFK transcript. Students seeking AGA are encouraged to discuss the matter with representatives of the
institution to which they plan to transfer.
Financial Aid: Academic Grade Amnesty has no effect on the federal and state student financial aid
standards of academic progress. Financial aid recipients who have been placed on academic probation,
academic suspension, academic suspension waiver, or who have exceeded the maximum number of
attempted credits should contact the Financial Aid Office for financial aid appeal procedures.
Review by Advisor: Students requesting AGA must meet with an advisor prior to submitting this form.
Student Services Appeal Committee: In order to be considered for Academic Amnesty you must submit a
completed Academic Amnesty Appeal Form to the Office of Enrollment Services during the first term of
enrollment. The Student Services Appeal Committee evaluates all Academic Amnesty petitions and
makes a decision based on evaluation of the student’s potential for success.
Eligibility: To be eligible for Academic Amnesty you must complete a minimum of 12 earned credits at
CFK while maintaining a GPA of 2.0 or higher. College preparatory courses are not included in these 12
earned credits.
75.59(B) Revised 9/20/2019
Name: Student ID:
Note: All College transcripts for credits ten (10) years of age or older must be attached for this
request to be considered by the Student Services Appeals Committee.
I understand that:
I am requesting ACADEMIC GRADE AMNESTY for all coursework that is ten (10) years of
age or older to include College of the Florida Keys courses and any transfer courses that appear
on my educational record at the College of the Florida Keys.
I have read the information regarding this process and understand the conditions established for
the forgiveness of courses and grades.
Appeals received without proper documentation will be returned and not reviewed until proper
documentation is provided to the Committee and this could jeopardize the timeliness of the
Committee’s decision.
It is my responsibility to monitor my CFK email account for any correspondence from the
committee regarding this appeal.
The Committee has the right to seek relevant input regarding this appeal from other college
departments, including instructors, and use this information in their decision-making.
I accept the decision of the Student Services Appeals Committee as final and not subject to
further appeal within the college.
By signing below, I certify that I have read and understand all of the information on this form. I further
certify that all statements and documentation provided by me in support of this appeal are truthful and
representative of the facts.
Students signature: Date:
Submit your request for consideration to:
CFK Student Services Appeals Committee
The College of the Florida Keys,
5901 College Road, Key
Phone: (305)809-3292 Fax: (305)292-5163
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