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Academic Advisor Assessment
Student’s Name: _______________________________________________PUID: __________________
The objective of the Academic Advisor Assessment is to determine the student’s ability to meet the University’s
standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress. The student is required to:
Successfully complete at least 67% of attempted credit hours as outlined in the Satisfactory Academic
Progress policy.
Meet minimum cumulative GPA requirements as outlined in the Satisfactory Academic Progress
Complete the academic program within the maximum allowable timeframe (total attempted hours
cannot exceed 150% of the number of hours required for the degree).
Academic Advisor Assessment: (This section is to be completed by your Academic Advisor)
Student’s anticipated graduation term: ___ Fall ___ Spring ___ Summer Year: _______
Number of credit hours in student’s program of study: _____ credit hours
Number of credit hours remaining for student to complete their program of study: _____ credit hours
List the courses the student must successfully complete this semester. As an option the academic advisor may
submit a copy of the student’s program of study indicating in which semester the courses will be taken.
Course Credits Term to be taken
Total Credits
Certification: (signed by student and academic advisor)
I certify that I have met with my academic advisor to develop an academic plan designed to assist me with
meeting the University’s standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress and to create a path to graduation. I
further understand that in order to continue receiving Financial Aid I must meet the requirements of this
Academic Advisor Assessment. I further understand that if I fail to meet the terms of this plan I will be ineligible
for financial aid.
Student’s Signature Date
Advisor’s Signature Date
Advisor’s Name (Please Print) Phone
Return to the Office of Financial Aid the entire completed Satisfactory Academic Progress Packet.
Office Use Only: RRAAREQ ___SPADV (N) BR 5/25/16
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