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Ability to Benefit Acknowledgement Form
The policies listed below concern all new students to Gateway Community and Technical College that
don’t plan on earning a high school diploma, but plan on earning their GED. This form must be signed
and returned with your applicatio n for admissions to Gateway Community and Technical College.
Gateway Admissions Policy: Students who do NOT graduate from high s chool, but plan to pursue a
GED, can be admitted into certificate, diploma, and associate degree programs, but cannot receive an
associate degree unless they show proof of high school or GED completion.
ACT or COMPASS Placement Policy: All Gateway Community and Technical College new students must
provide ACT scores of 18 in English, 19 in Math, and 20 in Reading or take the COMPASS test before
meeting with an advising center staff member and being enrolled in classes.
Financial Aid Awarding Policy: As of July 1, 2012 federal financial aid regulations require that a person
must have their high school diploma or GED in order to be eligible for and to receive federal financial
aid for college. 
Please Note: Gateway can help you prepare for your GED and get you tested. Contact our Adult
Education Center at 8594421611 for more information. 
I have read and understand the policies listed above. I understand that I may enter an associate
degree program (s pecific academic plans may have additional requirements before academic plan
acceptance is granted) at Gateway Community and Technical College, but will not be awarded the
degree and associated credentials without providing official proof of high school or GED completion.
I understand that the minimum scores in all three sections of the COMPASS test must be achieved at
the time I test in order to be accepted. If I have to retest, I must retest in ALL three sections of the
COMPASS. I am only allowed three test opportunities in a 30 day period.
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