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Ability to Benefit Statement
Student Name: ____________________________________________ Student ID:_________________________
(Last, First, MI)
To be eligible for financial aid funds, a student must be qualified to study at the postsecondary level as required by the Higher
Education Amendments of 1992 (Abillity to Benefit - ATB Criteria).
A student with a high school diploma or its equivalent before the start of the academic year is considered qualified.
Recognized equivalent is a General Education Development (GED) certificate.
Ability to Benefit:
Please provide the following information to complete the Ability to Benefit requirement. Your response is required to
determine your eligibility for financial aid.
Please indicate the item that applies to you:
o High School Diploma
On what date did you receive your high school diploma or GED (if you have not received your diploma or GED please
indicate the date it will be received).
o Date _______________________________________
I certify that all information contained on this form is true and accurate. I understand that I may be contacted if further
information is needed. Electronic signatures are not accepted.
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