Complete the application by typing or printing legibly in ink. This application does not stay the collection of
taxes; taxes should be paid as assessed. If an abatement is granted, a refund with interest will be made.
2. File this application with the municipality by the deadline (see below). Date of filing is the date this form is either
hand delivered to the municipality, postmarked by the post office, or receipted by an overnight delivery service.
: The “notice of tax” means the date the board of tax and land appeals (BTLA) determines the last tax
bill was sent by the municipality. (If your municipality bills twice annually, you must apply after the bill that
establishes your final tax liability and not before.)
Step One
: Taxpayer must file the abatement application with the municipality by March 1 following the notice of tax.
Step Two
: Municipality has until July 1 following the notice of tax to grant or deny the abatement application.
Step Three
: Taxpayer may file an appeal either at the BTLA (RSA 76:16-a) or in the superior court (RSA 76:17), but
not both. An appeal must be filed:
1) no earlier than
: a) after receiving the municipality’s decision on the abatement application;
or b) July 1 following the notice of tax if the municipality has not responded to the abatement
application; and
2) no later than
September 1 following the notice of tax.
: If your municipality’s final tax bill was sent out after December 31 (as determined by the BTLA), the
above deadlines are modified as follows (RSA 76:1-a; RSA 76:16-d, II):
Step One
: 2 months after notice of tax;
Step Two
: 6 months after notice of tax; and
Step Three
: 8 months after notice of tax.
1. SECTION E. Municipalities may abate taxes “for good cause shown.” RSA 76:16. Good cause is generally
established by showing an error in the assessment calculation or a disproportionate assessment. Good cause can also
be established by showing poverty and inability to pay the tax.
2. SECTION G. If the abatement application is based on disproportionate assessment, the taxpayer has the burden to
show how the assessment was disproportionate. To carry this burden the taxpayer must show: a) what the property
was worth (market value) on the assessment date; and b) the property’s “equalized assessment” exceeded the
property’s market value. To calculate the equalized assessment, simply divide the assessment by the municipality’s
equalization ratio (assessment ÷ ratio). Because a property’s market value is a crucial issue, taxpayers must have an
opinion of the market value estimate. This value estimate can be shown by obtaining an appraisal or presenting
sales of comparable properties.
3. SECTION H. The applicant(s) must sign the application even if a representative (e.g. Tax Representative,
Attorney, or other Advocate) completes Section I.
4. Make a copy of this document for your own records.
Town File No.: _________________
Taxpayer Name: ________________
SECTION A. Party(ies) Applying (Owner(s)/Taxpayer(s))
Mailing Address:
Telephone Nos.: (Home) _________ (Cell) _________ (Work) _________ (Email) _________________
Note: If an abatement is granted and taxes have been paid, in
terest on the abatem
ent shall be paid in
accordance with RSA 76:17-a. Any interest paid to the applicant must be reported by the municipality
to the United States Internal Revenue Service, in accordance with federal law. Prior to the payment of
an abatement with interest, the taxpayer shall provide the municipality with the applicant’s social
security number or federal tax identification number. Municipalities shall treat the social security or
federal tax identification information as confidential and exempt from a public information request
under RSA 91-A.
SECTION B. Party’s(ies’) Representative if other than Person(s) Applying (Also Complete Section A)
Mailing Address:
Telephone Nos.: (Home) _________ (Cell) _________ (Work) _________ (Email) __________________
N C. Property(ies) for which Abatement is Sought
List the tax map and lot number, the actual street address and town of each property for which abatement is
sought, a brief description of the parcel, and the assessment.
Town Parcel ID#
Street Address/Town Description Assessment
SECTION D. Other Property(ies)
List other property(ies) in the municipality owned in the same name(s), even if abatements for the other
property(ies) have not been sought. The taxpayer’s entire real property estate must be considered in determining
whether the appealed property(ies) is (are) disproportionately assessed.
Town Parcel ID#
Street Address/Town Description Assessment
ON E. Reasons for Abatement Application
RSA 76:16 provides that an abatement may be granted for “good cause shown.” “Good cause” generally means:
1) establishing an assessment is disproportionate to
market value and the municipality’s
level of assessment; or
2) establishing povert
y and inability to pay the tax. This form can be utilized for either basis of requesting an
ment. The taxpayer has the burden to prove good cause for an abatement.
If claiming disproportionality, state with specificity all
the reasons supporting your application.
Statements such as “taxes t
oo high,” “disproportionately assessed” or “assessment exceeds
market value”
are insufficient. Generally, specificity requires the taxpayer to present material on the following (all may
not apply):
1. ph
ysical data
– incorrect description or measurement of property;
2. ma
rket data
– the property’s market value on the April 1 assessment date, supported by
comparable sales or a professional opinion of
value; and/or
3. level of assessment
– the property’s assessment is disproportionate by comparing the property’s
market value and the town-wide level of assess
: If you have an appraisal or other documentation, please submit it with this application.
2) If claiming poverty or inability to pay, state in detail why abatement of taxes is appropriate as opposed to
me other relief such as relocating, refinancing or obtaining some alternative public assistance
Ansara v. City of Nashua
, 118 N.H. 879 (1978).
(Attach additional sheets if needed.)
SECTION F. Taxpayer’s(s’) Opinion of Market Value
State your opinion of the market value of the property(ies) appealed as of April 1 of the year under appeal.
Town Parcel ID#
Appeal Year Market Value $
Town Parcel ID#
Appeal Year Market Value $
Explain the basis for your value opinion(s). (Attach additional sheets if necessary.)
SECTION G. Sales, Rental and/or Assessment Comparisons
List the properties you are relying upon to show overassessment of your property(ies). If you are appealing an
income producing property, list the comparable rental properties and their rents.
(Attach additional sheets if needed.)
Town Parcel ID# Street Address Sale Price/Date of Sale
Rents Assessment
SECTION H. Certification by Party(ies) Applying
Pursuant to BTLA Tax 203.02(d), the applicant(s) MUST sign the application. By signing below, the Party(ies)
applying certifies (certify) and swear(s) under the penalties of RSA ch. 641 the application has a good faith basis,
and the facts stated are true to the best of my/our knowledge.
(Print Name)
(Print Name)
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SECTION I. Certification and Appearance by Representative (If Other Than Party(ies) Applying)
By signing below, the representative of the Party(ies) applying certifies and swears under penalties of
RSA ch. 641:
1. all certifications in Section
H are true;
2. the Party(ies) apply
ing has (have) authorized this representation and has (have) signed this application;
3. a copy of this form
was sent to the Party(ies) applying.
e’s Signature)
Disposition of Application* (For Use by Selectmen/Assessor)
*RSA 76:16, II states: the municipality “shall review the application and shall grant or deny the application in
writing by July 1 after notice of tax date . . . .”
Abatement Request: GRA
Revised Assessment: $ DENIED
sor Signature) (Selectmen/Assessor Signature)
sor Signature) (Selectmen/Assessor Signature)
(Print Name)
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