AUNE Student Activity Fund Request Guidelines
The AUNE Student Activity Fund is funded by the Student Activity Fee, which is paid each trimester
by enrolled students (currently $5 per semester). This fund is intended to support activities that benefit
the larger student community. Preference will be given to requests that promote inter-departmental
community building.
Important Information:
Awards will be made at the discretion of AUNE’s Student Government.
Fund applicants must complete a Student Activities Fund Request Form providing all requested
details; including in particular a description of how the requested funds will be used and who will
All fund applications must be accompanied by a detailed budget and advertising plan.
Requests will be considered for the following: community building activities, academic
presentations, film screenings, panel discussions, guest lecturers, community outreach
activities, fundraising activities, and other activities.
If there is a fundraising facet to any proposed activity, it must also be approved by AUNE’s
Office of Institutional Advancement. In general, any fundraising activities would need to be
campus based (rather than soliciting the wider Keene community, e.g.). Those activities should
not benefit an individual; rather there would need to be a larger purpose. (E.g., holding a bake
sale to support a cause or organization versus selling products to fund a particular student’s travel
or expenses.)
All fund requests require one of the following: an AUNE student group sponsor (e.g. Student
Alliance, B.I.G., and CTEC), an AUNE faculty sponsor, or an AUNE staff sponsor.
Events will not be funded that are discriminatory, violate any federal, state or local laws, are based in
requests for tuition, fees, or any other costs associated with registration and/or financial aid and are
requests for travel costs in excess of $50.
Applications may be submitted via email to Cheryl Lower
, Provost Office
Review of Applications:
Fund requests will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the fall and spring
semesters. You will receive an email to let you know if you request was approved within a
week of submitting the application.
Save receipts, invoices, and other documents and submit to Cheryl Lower to provide
*Save this page for your records
AUNE Student Activity Fund Application
All fund applications must be accompanied by a detailed budget and advertising plan.
Activity Name Activity Date
Type of Activity (community building, academic, fundraising, other please specify)
Student Group Name
Student Applicant Name (please print, signature required below)
Faculty/Staff or Student Group Sponsor (please print, signature required below)
Requested Amount Will accept partial Fund? [Y/N]
Description of Activity-
Description of Population Served-
Signature of Student Applicant Date
Signature of Faculty/Staff or Student Group Sponsor Date
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