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Student ID#: _________________________
Last Name: __________________________ First Name: ____________________ Middle/Maiden: _____________
Spring Summer Fall Winter Year __________
I am a Financial Aid recipient: ____ Yes ____ No
I am a Veterans Educational Benefits recipient: ____Yes ____ No
If yes, Veteran Approval: ____________________________
I would like to audit the following course:
___________ _____________ __________ ____________________________________
(CRN) (Subject)
(Course #)
(Course Title)
I certify by my signature that I have read the Audit Policy on the reverse, and I am aware of the effect on my
student status this request will cause.
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Notice of Non-discrimination: Asnuntuck Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious creed, age, sex, national origin,
marital status, ancestry, present or past history of mental disorder, learning disability or physical disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and
expression or genetic information in its programs and activities. In addition, the College does not discriminate in employment on the basis of veteran status
or criminal record. The following individuals have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Yhara Zelinka, Title IX
Coordinator, (860) 253-3092 and Deborah Kosior, 504/ADA Coordinator, (860) 253-3005,
Asnuntuck Community College, 170 Elm Street, Enfield, CT 06082.
Políticas Antidiscriminatorias: Asnuntuck Community College no discrimina por razones de raza, color, creencias religiosas, edad, género, nacionalidad,
estado civil, ascendencia, historia presente o pasada de discapacidad mental o física, problemas de aprendizaje, orientación sexual, Identidad y expresión de
género, o información genética, en sus programas o actividades. Adicionalmente Asnuntuck no discrimina individuos por razones pertinentes a la categoría
de veteranos o historia criminal. Las siguientes personas han sido designadas para resolver cualquier inquietud pertinente a las políticas antidiscriminatorias:
Yhara Zelinka, Title IX Coordinator, (860) 253-3092 and Deborah Kosior, 504/ADA Coordinator, AS- (860) 253-3005, Asnuntuck Community College, 170 Elm Street, Enfield, CT 06082.
Updated April 2020
Audit Policy:
A student may request audit status from the Registrar. An audited course confers no credit, grade, or quality
points. Auditors pay tuition and fees at the same rate as students taking the course for credit. Financial Aid does
not cover audited courses. Students must complete an Audit Form obtained from the Registrars Office.
In order to register as an auditing student, the prospective student must meet all college requirements and obtain
the consent of the instructor.
Although auditors are not required to complete examinations or other academic exercises in the course, details of
the auditors participation in class activities will be determined by prior agreement between the student and the
faculty member. Audited course(s) will be shown on the students transcript with the symbol AU in the grade
column and will not carry any credit hours or quality points. An audited course does not meet any prerequisite.
A student may not register as an audit student until the first day of classes. Changes from credit to audit are not
permitted after the fourth week of class.** Changes from audit to credit must occur before the end of the fourth
week of class and with the written permission of the instructor. **
** Note: Accelerated classes will have alternative deadlines. Contact the Registrar for details.
Effective Date: January 2010