Any person wishing to address the City Council about a topic related to City of El Paso business
during the period reserved for public comment “Call to the Public” at a meeting must sign up to
be heard:
1. The period reserved for public comment at a City Council meeting will be limited to sixty minutes.
2. Each participant will be limited to three minutes to make comments.
3. Any group of five or more persons must appoint one person to present the group’s views to the City
Council and will be limited to three minutes to make comments to Council.
4. If you have a presentation, we kindly ask that you check in at the City Clerk's office by 8:30 a.m. so that we
may assist you.
5. Pursuant to the Texas Open Meetings Act, the City Council is not permitted to discuss or act upon any
issues that are not posted on the agenda for the meeting.
6. Finally, please be aware that rules of decorum will be enforced during the public comment period. Personal
attacks, name-calling, and rude or slanderous remarks will not be tolerated. Political statements and
campaigning are prohibited.
Please fill in the information requested below if you wish to address the City Council during the
public comment period:
Name: _________________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________
Telephone: _________________________________________________________________
Email Address: _________________________________________________________________
_________________________________________________________________ Are you a
Lobbyist? Yes No (You will need to identify yourself to Council as a Lobbyist.) Record
vote without public comment: For Against