San Manuel Tribal Court
San Manuel Indian Reservation
3214 Victoria Avenue
Highland, CA 92346
Phone: (909) 907-6920
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1. I, ____________________________________, have submitted an application for admission to practice before the
San Manuel Tribal Court and solemnly swear to the following:
2. I am an attorney duly licensed to practice law in the State of California, or the ____________________________
federal court(s). I am in good standing in all jurisdictions in which I am admitted to practice. I will promptly notify the
San Manuel Tribal Court of any change in the status of my privilege to practice law. I understand that my authority to
practice in the San Manuel Tribal Court may be withdrawn for any period of time during which my license to practice
law before any state court or any court of the United States has been withdrawn or suspended.
3. I will promptly notify the San Manuel Tribal Court if I am convicted of a felony.
4. I agree to act as an ofcer of the court in any action or proceeding in which I appear, and to uphold tribal laws and
court rules, and to conrm to the highest standards of ethical conduct as required by the San Manuel Tribal Court or
other practice standards applicable to me.
5. I have read and am familiar with the San Manuel Judicial Code, the San Manuel Formal Rules of Evidence, the San
Manuel Rules of Civil Procedure, and the San Manuel Rules of Court, which have been adopted consistent with the
federal Indian law principles of tribal sovereignty and self-determination, and which are relevant to the cases I will be
appearing in before the Tribal Court. I am familiar with the basic principles of Federal Indian law.
6. I hereby consent to the civil regulatory and adjudicatory jurisdiction of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and its
Tribal Court.
______________________ ________________________________ _________________________________
For Notary Public Use Only, do not sign until instructed to do so by Notary Public.
Subscribed and sworn to (or afrmed) before me on this ______ day of _________________________ 20 ______,
by _____________________________________.
Personally known to me Proved to me on this basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person
who appeared before me.
(Notary Seal) ___________________________________
Form AO-001 • 8/19
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