“Southeastern Technical College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin,
gender, religion, disability, age, disabled veteran, veteran of the Vietnam Era or citizenship status, (except in those
special circumstances permitted or mandated by law).”
SWAINSBORO 346 Kite Road • Swainsboro, Georgia 30401 • Phone (478) 289-2200 • Fax: (478) 289-2263
VIDALIA 3001 East First Street • Vidalia, Georgia 30474 • Phone (912) 538-3100 • Fax (912) 538-3156
Southeastern Technical College is an Equal Opportunity Institution
Please select one. I am taking the TEAS test for the following:
_____ ASN _____ASN Bridge _____LPN _____Rad Tech _____Another College
Southeastern Technical College conducts the Practical Nursing diploma program on the Swainsboro
AND Vidalia campuses. The ASN Degree program is ONLY offered on the Vidalia Campus and the
ASN Bridge program is ONLY offered on the Swainsboro Campus.
If you ONLY want to be considered for a particular campus, place a 1 by that campus and leave the
other campus you DO NOT want to be considered for blank. If you want to be considered for BOTH
campus, please rank (1 and 2) the campuses below in the order you would like them to be
considered. Once you begin in a class, you will not be able to switch locations, so choose a location
you can attend for the duration of the program.
__________ Swainsboro
__________ Vidalia
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