ASBG Budget & Finance Committee
Funding Request
Applications must be submitted by 12:00pm on the Wednesday before you wish to have it reviewed
by the Budget & Finance Committee. Budget & Finance committee will either recommend or not
recommend for approval to the ASBG council at the next board meeting. Board meetings are held
each Monday, 12:30pm-1:50pm in G106A. If you have questions, please contact Stephanie Robb in the
Student Activities office G105 or
Only AHC students, staff or faculty are eligible for funding. Only clubs approved by ASBG are
eligible for funding. Proposals received from organizations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
Eligible Events:
Events must substantially benefit the AHC student community. Only planned programs with
detailed cost breakdowns will be considered.
Full funding is never guaranteed. Please remember that funds do run out as the year progresses. It is
in your best interest to apply for funds as early as possible.
Obligations of the organization:
Prior to the Event: Collect all paperwork, methods of payment, and any other important materials
for the organization or applicants. Submit all required documentation. Completed the application,
provide original invoices and/or receipts
After ASBG approves the funding: Meet with the funding board Treasurer or ASBG Advisor to
pick up the funding results the day after the ASBG meeting (Thursday). Meet with Advisor to review
payment processes and timeline for your event. Ensure that the logos of ASBG are prominently
displayed on all publications and promotional materials printed after the funding is approved.
After the event is completed: It is recommended that you send a representative to the ASBG
meeting after your event. ASBG meetings are held each Wednesday from 12:30-1:50 in G106A If
your organization fails to fulfill any of the responsibilities, money funded to the organization for the
event by ASBG is not promised or owed to you or your vendors. Additionally, your organization
may have its access to funding revoked for the next semester.
ASBG Budget & Finance Committee
Funding Application
Organization Name: _______________________________________________________________________
Contact Person: ___________________________Email:_____________________ Phone: ______________
Are you using club funds for this event? Y / N ___________________ Amount $____________________
If so, from where? ___________________________________ Club account balance $_________________
Any additional funding? Y / N ____________ From where? _____________________________________
Event/Activity Title: _______________________________________________________________________
Date of Event: _____________________Time:______________ Location: ___________________________
Please provide a brief explanation of the event: ________________________________________________
Expected Attendance: ___________Total Cost $: _____________Total Amount Requested $: _________
What is the purpose of this event? ___________________________________________________________
How will this funding enhance/support your vision as an organization? __________________________
How will this funding enhance/support AHC student body and/or community? __________________
Is this event/program open to all AHC students? Y/N if not, who will attend? _____________________
Line Item Budget
Please complete the following line item budget for your request or create your own using similar
formatting. For each individual expense listed, please complete an Individual Expense Description
Expense Type
Venue Rentals