Human Resources: Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement 1
A Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) governs a long-term agreement with your manager that
lets you diverge from a standard 8-hour workday based in your office. The university supports
and encourages flexible work as is stated in policy 6.12 Flexible Work. These arrangements benefit
employees and organizations by better matching work requirements to personal requirements.
In the case of telecommuting particularly, flexible work arrangements can also be
environmentally responsible and reduce costs to employees and the organization associated
with traffic. In , we want to structure responsibly managed FWAs that provide enough
documentation for transparency, evaluation, oversight and tracking, without creating undue
Understanding Flexible Work Arrangements
At OSU and in OCIO-ODEE, an FWA is a privilege to be negotiated at the discretion of your
manager. Because our work culture is still highly dependent on face-to-face interactions, the
assumption is that you can be available in the office during your scheduled workday if required,
even if you have an FWA. This means that you are responsible for physically attending
meetings and events as is appropriate for the nature of the event or meeting, whether or not it
is your usual telecommuting day. You are also responsible for being present in the office with
eight hours’ notice at your manager’s discretion (for example, in the case of an emergency).
On the other hand, within OCIO-ODEE particularly, we will facilitate to the greatest possible
extent an interface with employees who are working at a distance by accepting phone or
video-conferencing participation in most internal meetings.
Human Resources: Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement 2
Applying OCIO-ODEE Flexible Work Arrangements
The purpose of an FWA is to standardize and track long-term alternatives to a typical onsite
FTE 8-hour workday. For our purposes, long-term is defined as more than a month. All FWA’s
must be renewed annually.
An FWA is not required to arrange one-time exceptions to your normal routine, such as an
occasional requirement to work at a distance. Please schedule these according to the policies
of your manager. An FWA is also not the correct vehicle for addressing temporary changes to
your work schedule due to your own or a family member’s health status. In these instances,
you will want to consider utilizing Family and Medical Leave policy 6.05.
Human Resources: Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement 3
This Packet Contains:
1. Flexible Work Agreement template
2. Self-study guidelines
3. Readiness Checklist
4. Technology Guidelines
Review the documents, complete documents a, b, and c, and schedule time to discuss with
your manager.
The OCIO-ODEE FWA program includes five
Monday and Friday are unavailable as full telecommuting days.
Friday is still preferable as the negotiated non-work day for those on a 4 X 10
An FWA does not excuse physical attendance at OCIO-ODEE all-staff meetings,
events or activities, and other events or activities as appropriate for the employee’s job
In general, our administrative support staff will not be responsible for supporting FWAs,
for example, by organizing FWA-related teleconferencing or assuring access to
potentially necessary technologies like conference phones in meeting rooms.
Employees should not be using this as an answer to child care needs. That rarely
works well as both responsibilities require full attention.
Human Resources: Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement 4
I. Description
A. This document defines a Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) for:
_____________________________________________ (Employee Name)
B. FWA Start Date: ____/____/____ FWA End Date: ____/____/____
(FWA period must be no less than 1 month and no more than 1 year)
C. Review dates: ____/____/____ ____/____/____ ____/____/____
(i.e., for a year-long agreement, 1, 3, and 6 month reviews)
D. Why is this Flexible Work Arrangement being requested?
E. Type of schedule (check all that apply; see Appendix A for definitions):
Reduced Work
Job Share
F. Please describe the schedule in 50 words or less:
G. Does this plan entail changes to your job responsibilities, compensation or use of
sick leave balances?
Job Share
If yes, please describe.
H. Please attach a sample weekly or monthly calendar.
Human Resources: Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement 5
II. Performance Management
A. How will you document the consistency of your performance under the flexible
Please use the table below to document the effect of your schedule on your stakeholders.
CIO, OSU, Other
Human Resources: Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement 6
III. Terms and Responsibilities
A. Changes in the quality of the employee’s work may be cause for modification or
termination of the agreement at the discretion of the manager. As the FWA is a privilege
and not a requirement of employment, OCIO-ODEE and OSU bear no responsibility for
the cost, safety or technical provisioning (home computer, high-speed connectivity, etc.)
of work sites away from the office.
B. This FWA will be assessed periodically to ensure that it continues to meet employee
and OCIO-ODEE requirements. This assessment may include consultation with your
peers concerning the effect of your flexible schedule.
C. Participants in the FWA program will be asked to assist with ongoing program
D. Manager Responsibilities
a. Provide supportive and direct coaching.
b. Proactively communicate concerns both personal and departmental.
c. Help the employee organize work when necessary.
d. Define clear expectations and timeframes for completing work.
e. Communicate the work arrangement to customers, co-workers and management
personnel who may be affected by the new-schedule.
f. Liberally accept technology-mediated communication such as email, Lync
messaging conference calls, etc. as a standard for internal work activities.
g. Evaluate the effectiveness of the flexible work arrangement to assess needs and
discuss potential concerns.
E. Employee Responsibilities
a. Maintain availability and productivity at the expected standard and quality of work.
b. Attend meetings and other campus events as required on scheduled teleworking
c. On eight hoursnotice, be able to work a regularized schedule at the office.
d. Arrange electronic communication strategies (availability of conference phones in
meeting rooms, webcasts, etc.) in advance as needed to handle meetings at a
Human Resources: Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement 7
e. Ensure that off-site working spaces are safe and appropriate for work, free of
potential hazards and in compliance with security precautions.
f. Communicate the new work arrangement to customers, co-workers and
management and others who may be affected by the new schedule.
g. Adhere to program guidelines and abide by existing University policy and
procedure that relate to absence from work.
I agree to the terms and responsibilities presented in this document.
_______________________________________ ____________
Employee Date
_______________________________________ ____________
Manager Date
_______________________________________ ____________
Director Date
Human Resources: Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement 8
What do you hope to accomplish through a flexible work arrangement?
List three benefits you expect from the FWA.
What are your biggest fears or concerns about formalizing a flexible schedule?
How will you know the FWA has been a success? List three indicators.
Human Resources: Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement 9
My flex schedule covers OCIO-ODEE core hours (9:00 am 4:00 pm)
I communicated my new schedule to key partners, clients, coworkers and discussed any
necessary adjustments.
I have a location at home to work safely and without injury (especially carpal tunnel).
I have access to the necessary technology (hardware and software) I need to remain
productive in my work while away from the office.
I have taken steps to ensure secure access to campus digital assets from my remote
location (e.g. WPA wireless connections, use of VPN for remote access to office
workstations or servers).
My calendar clearly indicates my availability.
I set up call forwarding and auto response email if necessary.
I have communication channels in place for my peers to reach me when I am out of office
Human Resources: Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement 10
Standard Flexible Work Arrangement Definitions
Flex Time allows a schedule with starting and ending times. These times may be the
same for the entire work week or you may change starting and ending times daily. The
number of hours worked in a day may also vary.
Telecommuting allows you to work from home (or elsewhere), on a full or part-time
basis. Generally, computer connections permit you to correspond with your office and
complete work from home. You may have a position that does not lend itself to working
from another work site. Be creative there may alternatives that you have not
Compressed Workweek allows you to work your normal number of hours over fewer
days. Forty hours may be worked in fewer than five 8-hour days, possible four 10-hour
days or other combinations. Compressed workweek schedules should be managed
carefully to avoid fatigue and/or lowered productivity.
Part-time Employment allows you to work fewer than 40 hours within the week. At
OSU, a 75% appointment (30 hours per week) still provides full benefits. A 50% or
greater appointment (at least 20 hours per week) provides the opportunity for full
benefits at a pro-rated cost. Be sure to talk with your human resources professional to
fully understand the implications of changing to a part-time appointment.
Job Sharing allows you and another employee to share the responsibilities of one full-
time job. Your work and work schedule compliments another employee’s schedule to
complete the duties of one position. You are considered part-time in pay and benefits.
This arrangement can be beneficial to both employees however, it requires planning
and communication to manage responsibilities and deadlines. This arrangement may
lead to greater flexibility during slow or high activity times and capitalizes on two
employees versus one. Be sure to talk with your human resources professional to
determine changes to pay and benefits.
Human Resources: Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement 11
Chat is an important means for communicating as well as giving presence information. Every
OCIO-ODEE employee should create a Lync account and share their information with the
Much of OCIO-ODEE already uses Lync to communicate with each other, as well as
with 8-HELP.
Multiple clients are available to run Lync on either Windows or Macintosh.
Configure the display name for the account to follow a standard format: FirstNameLastName.n
based on your OSU name.n.
All employees must be reachable by phone. If telecommuting, you must:
Provide a phone number to your OCIO-ODEE colleagues
Forward your OSU line to your non-OSU line during scheduled out-of-office work
All ODEE personnel should be using the calendar, per CIO/OIT policy. Calendar maintenance
becomes even more important under an FWA. Some tips for calendar configuration:
We recommend using the work hours” (Mac) ornormal hours” (Windows) feature to
mark recurring work hours that are the standard times you will be in your office.
Turning on the “gray outside” creates a quick way to visually tell when ODEE
employees will be in their offices.
Human Resources: Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement 12
This is especially handy for those working compressed hours or using flex time.
In the case of short term or temporary telecommuting time, the telecommuter should
mark the hours they will be working from home by scheduling a meeting for those
hours marked as tentative.
Additionally, they should add meeting names like “Tele-commuting from home” so that
calendar users can tell where they are.
Google Advanced
(NOTE- When using 3rd party servers to hold work-related content, draft and save a rationale
in advance. Do not use third party servers to manage sensitive data.)
Google Docs provides a great way to collaborate on creating “Word” style documents
and “Excel” style spreadsheets.
This could help groups work together during telecommuting time, as well as when we
are all in the office.
Google Groups can help communication amongst TELR sub-units by enabling file
sharing and general communication to the group.
Carmen Courses
Buckeye Box
H.323 Video Capabilities: staff can attend meetings via video.
H.323 can work from home on broadband with VPN and other methods.
On the ODEE telecommuter side, those with laptops could be provided copies of
Polycom PVX (Windows), or obtain XMeeting (Mac) for H.323 compatibility.
Some experimentation may be necessary to ensure this will work from home or other
networks, but generally if you have broadband it should be workable.