Name: Phone:
Job Title:
Supervisor: Phone:
Total length of service in any court/probation department:
Year began _________
Length of service in Arizona courts/probation:
Year began __________
As a part of my expected leadership responsibilities, I (check all that apply):
Supervise staff (indicate number of direct reports: ___________ )
Manage supervisors (indicate number of supervisor direct reports: __________ )
Manage projects or programs (please describe):
Serve as lead for:
If you have previously completed any ICM Phase I course, please note the date and location below:
If non-AOC-sponsored course, please attach a copy of certificate(s) of completion.
AOC-sponsored Non-AOC-sponsored, certificate copy attached
AOC-sponsored Non-AOC-sponsored, certificate copy attached
AOC-sponsored Non-AOC-sponsored, certificate copy attached
Workforce Management
Caseflow & Workflow Management
Accountability & Court Performance
AOC-sponsored Non-AOC-sponsored, certificate copy attached
Purposes & Responsibilities of Courts
Budget & Fiscal Management
AOC-sponsored Non-AOC-sponsored, certificate copy attached
Date: Location:
AOC-sponsored Non-AOC-sponsored, certificate copy attached
Project Management for Courts
This application is for the Arizona Court Manager (ACM) certificate which includes completion of the
following courses.
Institute for Court Management (ICM)
Certified Court Manager (CCM) Seminars*:
Workforce Management (2.5 days)
Caseflow and Workflow Management (2.5 days
Accountability & Court Performance (2.5 days)
Purposes & Responsibilities of Courts (2.5 days)
Budget & Fiscal Management (2.5 days)
Project Management for Courts (2.5 days)
Arizona Plus - Manager:
Managing Diversity **(½ day)
Alternative Dispute Resolution - Specialty Courts** (½ day)
Capstone (2½ days) / Graduation Ceremony
o Governance, Inherent Powers, Civil Case Process, Jury, Records, Probation & Court Management Functions, Political
Activity, Court’s Role.
**(Half day following the associated ICM Phase I class.)
As partic
ipants in the ACM program, you are reminded that the same rules, conduct and ethical behavior
expectations that apply in your regular court/work assignment also apply while participating in the Leadership
Institute program.
*NOTE: Participants who wish to obtain the ICM Certified Court Manager (
CCM) certificate will be charged a $100 per class fee
payable to the National Center for State Courts (NCSC).
To remain an active participant in the ACM program, I am committed to successfully completing at least one ACM
required course per year and completing the entire program within seven years.
Participant Name (print) Participant Signature of Commitment Date
I support my employee’s full participation in the ACM program and will coordinate with my employee to ensure that
he/she is available to attend all courses for which he/she is registered.
Supervisor Name (print) Supervisor Signature of Approval Date
I approve the time and funding (i.e. travel expenses) for this court/probation employee to attend
and complete the ACM program.
Court/Probation Department Head (print) Court/Probation Department Head
**ACM participants are required to notify the Leadership Institute office of any address change, as soon as
possible, to ensure program records are accurate. Court/probation department agency changes will require participant to
complete a new application with signature approval from the local authority.
Applications may be submitted online or by mail. To submit online, you may scan the completed form and email it or you can click
on "Submit Application to Leadership Institute" button above once all electronic signatures have been collected. To sign the form
electronically, click the signature box and if you do not already have an e-signature set up, Adobe will guide you through the
process. Please do not select the "windows certificate" option.
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Return both pages of this application to address above.
Receipt of this application will be acknowledged by email at the address provided.
Applications without all signatures will be returned.
or call: (602) 452-3031
email completed application to:
or Mail to:
Arizona Supreme Court Administrative Office of the Courts, ESD
Attn: Leadership Institute
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rev. 4/2019