Job Title:
Address, City, Zip:
Length of service in any court/probation department:
(Starting date mm/yy):
Length of service in Arizona courts/probation
(Starting date mm/yy):
As a part of my expected leadership responsibilities, I… (check all that apply):
Supervise staff (indicate number of direct reports):
Manage supervisors (indicate number of supervisor direct reports):
Manage projects or programs (please describe):
Conduct planning for
I have completed the following training that prepares me for these classes: (check all that apply):
AOC-sponsored ICM Certified Court Manager Year completed: or Expected completion date:
Non-AOC-sponsored ICM Certified Court Manager, certificate copy attached.
ICM Fellow Year completed:
Degrees earned, list:
Other management training programs, list:
Criteria for Admission:
Arizona judicial branch employee, and;
Recommended for the program by current supervisor and approved by division head or presiding judge/chief judge, and;
Completed the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) Institute for Court Management (ICM) Court Manager Program
or Certified Court Manager program, or has a degree in management, court administration or equivalent.
Is currently employed as: Full-time Judicial Officer, Superior Court Administrator, Clerk of the Court, Chief Probation
Officer, or Juvenile Court Center Director/Chief Probation Officer
This application is for the Arizona Court Executive (ACE) certificate which includes completion of the
following courses:
Institute for Court Management (ICM) Certified Court Executive Seminars:
Leadership (2.5 days)
Operations Management (2.5 days)
Educational Development (1.5 days - scheduled within a day of Public Relations)
Visioning and Strategic Planning (2.5 days)
Public Relations (1.5 days scheduled within a day of Educational Development)
Executive Decision Making (2.5 days)
Modern Court Governance (2.5 days)
AZ Plu
s Executive:
Interdependence and Interdependencies
Facilities, Security and Emergency Management
Security and COOP
Jury Management
As participants in the ACE program, you are reminded that the same rules, conduct and ethical behavior expectations that
apply in your regular court/work assignment also apply while participating in the Leadership Institute program.
To remain an active participant in the ACE program, I am committed to successfully completing at least one ACE
required course per year and completing the entire program within seven years.
Participant Name (print) Participant Signature of Commitment Date
I recommend this employee for the ACE Program and will coordinate with my employee to ensure that he/she is available
to attend all courses in which he/she is registered.
Supervisor Name (print) Supervisor Signature of Approval Date
Title Phone
I approve funding and the employee’s participation in the ACE Program.
(Division Head or Presiding Judge/Chief Judge)
Name (print) Signature Date
Title Phone
Completed applications may be submitted online or by mail.
To submit online you may scan the completed form and
email it to the address below, or you can click on the
"Submit Application to Leadership Institute" button above
once all electronic signatures have been collected.
Contact: or
call: (602) 452-3014
Return both pages of this application to:
or mail to:
Arizona Supreme Court
Administrative Office of the Courts, ESD
Attn: Leadership Institute
1501 West Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007-3232
Applications without all signatures will be returned.
Receipt of this application will be acknowledged by email to the applicant.
ev. 4/2019
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