Revised 2017
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Program Type: ____ Regular ____ Continuing Education ____ MM ______MAT _____ ME _____MAC
Local Address ___________________________________________________ Local Phone __________________
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Course ______________________________________ Credit Hours ________ Year and Term_______________
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Instructor _________________________________ Where to Reach _____________________________________
1. Please provide a description and learning objective(s) of the proposed project, including the student’s reason for
requesting/needing to do this work as a tutorial project.
2. Bibliography, consultants, resources, and/or other procedures to be used (three credit courses should include a
minimum of 150 pages of reading for undergraduates or 300 pages for graduate students must be documented).
3. What evidences, demonstration, products, or reports will be used for evaluation? For graduate credits to be
earned, there must be evidence of either research or field work (e.g., a series of observations, visits to designated
locations, carrying out an evaluation, etc.). For a three credit course, a minimum of one paper of at least ten pages in
length is required, or the equivalent in community/field study, review reports, policy paper, reaction/critique reports,
or exams.
4. What grading scale will be used? _______________________________________________________________
5a. Date of first scheduled progress meeting:
(Contract cannot be dropped nor will a refund be processed after this date.)
5b. Anticipated date of completion of project: _______________________________________________________
6. Scheduled dates of other meetings (a three credit course should meet a minimum of four times.)
Following signatures must be obtained before this contract will be accepted by the Registrar’s and Provost's office.
___________________________________________ _____________________________________________
Student’s Signature Date Registrar's Office Approval Date
______________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________
Instructor’s Signature Date Provost’s Office Signature Date
Chairperson’s/Dean’s Signature Date Instructor Compensation Approval _____ Yes _____ No
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Independent Study
Students may independently pursue areas of study beyond the regularly scheduled courses. Each department
offers this opportunity through courses 398 and 399. To register for one of these courses a student must first
request an instructor to direct the project. If the instructor agrees, the student must entirely complete an
Independent Study/Tutorial contract with that instructor, obtain the necessary signatures and take the contract
to the Registrar/Academic Advising Center. If the signed contract is received in the Registrar/Academic
Advising Center within two weeks of the beginning of the semester, the student may register for the course.
Independent Study contracts may not be dropped after the first meeting day on the contract. These contracts
are subject to approval by the Registrar and the Provost's office.
From time to time students may for extenuating circumstances ask for a course to be taught as a tutorial.
Courses should only be taught as tutorials if the course is needed by the student and the course has either been
canceled or does not appear in the schedule. Courses that have multiple sections offered should not be
considered for a tutorial. A qualified instructor may agree to teach a tutorial with permission from the
department chair. To register for a tutorial, a student must entirely complete an independent study/tutorial
contract (including rational as to why it must be taught in this format), obtain the necessary signatures and take
the contract to the Registrar/Academic Advising Center within the first two weeks of the semester or
quadmester. Like Independent Study Contracts, Tutorials cannot be dropped after the first meeting date on the
contract and are subject to review by the Registrar and Provost's Office.
General Considerations
1. Independent study shall be defined as any course or portion of a course which does not directly require
attendance by the student in the classroom or laboratory, but which requires of the student study of some
topical matter(s) or completion of a project under the supervision of a faculty member.
2. Independent study courses are limited to 398 and 399 courses (or their equivalent) within each department
or division.
3. All independent study and tutorial courses must be contracted prior to registration procedures. No student
will be allowed to register for a course unless a completed contract is present (and signed by the appropriate
student, instructor and academic chairperson). Notes from instructor asking that the student be allowed to
register for such courses without a completed contract will not be accepted. This applies to both the regular
academic year and to summer school.
4. Independent study and tutorial courses must be registered for no later than two weeks after the official
beginning of the semester or module.
5. Course completion dates must be a part of every contract and must fall within two weeks of the end of the
semester or quadmester in which the course is registered.
6. Tutorials may not be offered in courses which are regularly offered in the schedule during the fall and
winter semesters except with permission of the Registrar. Students requesting tutorials in such courses should
be made to wait until the next time it is regularly scheduled or, if this causes undue hardships in cases of
graduating seniors or evening students, appropriate substitutions for required courses can be made by the
academic chairperson.