REGISTRATION: All web registra-
ons require full payment with a
credit card. For purchase orders
or payment by check, please go to to download the
registraon form. The completed
registraon form must be sub-
mied with a copy of the pur-
chase order or with a check. Reg-
istraons with POs may be faxed
to 817-257-7134.
reserves the right to substute
speakers and/or instructors in
unavoidable circumstances, and
cancel any course or secon that
does not generate a sasfactory
enrollment. Registrants will be
noed of any change.
REFUND POLICY: Refunds (less
the non-refundable $150 deposit)
will be issued for cancellaons
received in wring ve business
days before the beginning of each
instute. No refunds will be is-
sued aer that date. For teacher
substuons, or to transfer to a
dierent course, please call our
oce at 817-257-7132.
APSI & HS Instute for Teaching Excellence 2021 REGISTRATION FORM
Name_______________________________________________ M_____ F_____
Home Address ________________________________________Apt No. __________________
City ________________________________________State______Zip_____________________
Preferred phone number _________________________
Personal email address _________________________________________________________
School email address _________________________________________________________
Emergency Contact Name/Cell_____________________________________________________
School ______________________________________District____________________________
Please enroll me in the following online course(s):
For additional information visit
WEEK 1: June 21-25 Course Title__________________________________________________
WEEK 2: June 28 July 2 Course Title_______________________________________________
WEEK 3: July 12-16 Course Title__________________________________________________
WEEK 4: July 19-23 Course Title_________________________________________________
AP teaching experience_______ years
______ $550 early bird tuion UNTIL April 30, 2021
______ $600 standard tuion BEGINNING May 1, 2021
______ Check enclosed (make payable to TCU)
______ Purchase Order (must be aached) PO # ______________________________________
If paying with credit card, register online at
ROLLMENT: Upon receipt of
your registraon, you will be
enrolled in the course or placed
on a waitlist and noed via
email. If you do not hear from
TCU two weeks prior to the start
date of the class, please call our
oce at 817-257-7132.
TCU Oce of Extended Educaon phone: 817-257-7132
TCU Box 297026 fax: 817-257-7134
Fort Worth, TX 76129 email:
photograph or videotape classes.
Your registraon authorizes TCU
to use your image in its ocial