Halifax Regional Municipality is film-friendly. The role of the municipal Film Liaison is to facilitate
access to municipal services, locations, and resources. With the exception of news media, all
location filming taking place in the region must contact the Film Liaison.
Individuals or companies wishing to film in Halifax Regional Municipality must complete and return
the following documents, ideally at least five (5) business days prior to filming:
General filming Application form
Release and Indemnification Form
Certificate of Insurance (COI) with appropriate limits of insurance and naming “Halifax
Regional Municipality” as additionally insured
Notification of filming to Councillors and Residents
Please note that additional permits may be required for the full or partial closure of municipal
roadways, use of municipal services such as transit or emergency vehicles and staff, aerial filming
and other circumstances. Following a risk assessment, other production aspects such as certain
special effects or location requirements may also require further documentation.
It is the responsibility of the applicant to inform the Film Liaison of all changes to the filming plan.
Additional approvals may be necessary in the case of major changes, added locations, new
effects, and/or heightened risk.
Please return the application package to:
Shari Dillman, Film Liaison
PO Box 1749
Halifax, NS B3J 3A5
Phone: (902) 490-4922
Once all documents are received, the Film Liaison will co-sign and return the application to
the applicant. This document constitutes a filming approval and must be available on site
during filming to be presented if requested.
Contact Information
Location Manager (LM):
LM Phone:.
LM Email:
Film Company: Address:
Email: Phone:
Parent Production Company (if applicable):
Email: Phone:
Filming Information
Film Title:
Film Summary:
Number of cast and crew:
Description of production vehicles:
Production type: Feature film TV movie/short film TV series or pilot
Commercial Documentary Music video
Student film
Other: C
Filming activities & requests check any that apply.
Use of interior or exterior municipal properties including parks, buildings, warehouses
Modification of municipal properties including on-site set construction
Use of animal talent on location
Intermittent occupancy of sidewalks
Traffic control or street closure
Aerial filming
Street parking for production vehicles
Special Effects: Rain/snow Smoke/fog Fire/pyrotechnics
Explosives Amplified sound Spot lights
Are you planning to utilise simulated gun fire (blanks or squibs)? No Yes
Are you filming scenes that may cause alarm to the public (simulated criminal acts, sirens, etc)?
No Yes - please include a short description:
Filming Date(s)
Attachments (mandatory)
Release and Indemnification form
Certificate of Insurance
Notification to Councillors
I (the Applicant) acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to the procedures and
policies outlines in the Halifax Regional Municipality Film Guidelines.
Name: _______________________________
Date: _________________________________
Signature: ____________________________
For office use only:
Approved by: ____________________________
Date: __________________________________
Signature: ______________________________
Questions or concerns:
Shari Dillman, Film Liaison
Phone: (902) 490-4922