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County of Sacramento
Office of Planning and Environmental Review (PER)
827 7
Street, Room 225
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 874-6141
Instructions to applicants for Pre-Application Meeting:
Fill out application form below.
Submit 4 sets of full size (24” x 36”) proposed site plans, and any other supporting information.
Submit CD or Flash Drive with 8.5X 11reductions of all exhibits along with any supporting information saved as
separate documents in PDF format.
Check payable to Sacramento County for $929.01.
Staff conducts 45-minute pre-application meetings every 2
and 4
Thursday of the month. Upon receipt of the
above materials, staff will process the materials and schedule an appointment for the earliest available 45-minute
time period. Please note that staff requires one week for processing the materials before a meeting date can
be set. In order to provide adequate preparation, staff will not schedule appointments in the same week that the
applicant submits the necessary fee and materials.
Name: Contact:
Phone No:
APPLICANT SIGNATURE: __________________________________________________________
Project Name:
Project Site Address:
Assessor Parcel Number(s):
In order to make the meeting beneficial to you (the applicant) please consider your reason for requesting this meeting when
describing your project on the next page. Questions to consider include:
(A) Is your proposal permitted in the designated zone? Are you seeking to deviate from development standards (such as
setbacks, height of building, parking requirements, monument signs, landscaping, etc.)? (B) Do you have questions about
improvement plans (such as when to submit, what to submit, and fees)? (C) Do you have concerns about traffic, access
and/or circulation? (D) Do you have questions about the environmental (CEQA) process (additional fees that will be
required and required technical studies, such as arborist reports, cultural resource inventory, noise analysis, wetland
delineation, traffic study, etc.)? (E) If there are alternative proposals, please answer A-D (as applicable) for each proposal.
Control No. PAM
PAM Application Form
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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT (attach additional pages if necessary)
Department Use Only
General Plan:
Current Use of Property:
Meeting Time: