Additional information for Special Assessment can be accessed via the UNE Assessment Procedure:
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tudent Number:
Student Administration
and Services
Phone: + 61 2 6773 2000
Fax: + 61 2 6773 4400
Given Name(s): Family Name:
Contact phone: Date of birth:
Course name: Academic School:
Unit Code
Assessment Type
Assessment Submission
or Exam Date
Did/will you submit your assessment or
attend the exam on the expected date?
understand the requirements for this application and will submit;
This application form
y personal statement
upporting documentary evidence
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For your
Special Consideration application to be assessed you must:
1. Complete the fields in the section below
2. Attach a personal statement outlining the reason for your request
3. Supply supporting documentary evidence
4. Submit these documents to Student Central via AskUNE
according to the deadlines
Additional inform
ation to assist you can be found on Page 2 of this form.
PERSONAL DETAILS (Must be completed)
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Additional information for Special Assessment can be accessed via the UNE Assessment Procedure:
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What is Special Consideration?
If you have attended your exam or submitted your assessment by the submission date, and your performance was
affected due to circumstances which were beyond your control, then you may be eligible to apply for Special
Special Consideration means that your circumstances may be taken into account when your exam/assessment is
marked and is
worth a maximum of additional 3%.
If you did not attend the exam due to your situation, then you should apply for a Special Exam (a deferred or re-sit
Arriving late to your exam because you misread your exam timetable is not grounds for Special
Sitting consecutive exams is not a sufficient reason for Special Consideration
You may only apply for either Special Consideration OR a Special Exam/Special Extension of Time
for each assessment item
If you have not/will not be able to submit your assessment by the submission date you may consider requesting an
extension. Please refer to your Academic School's assignment extension information for more details on this process.
What supporting evidence will I need?
All applications must include written supporting documentary evidence provided by an external source, and a personal
statement explaining your situation. These must be submitted with your application or it will not be considered.
Medical certificates must include the following:
The date you consulted your doctor
The effect your medical condition had on your academic performance
The length of time your medical condition effected your assessment performance/completion
We do not req
uire specific information on the nature of your medical condition.
Other types of supporting evidence include:
A supporting letter from a relevant health professional, a minister of religion, a solicitor, a Head of College
(not a college tutor), the Oorala Centre, Police Report, employer, etc
A statement from the NRMA, RACV, RACQ etc
In exceptional circumstances UNE will accept a formal Statutory Declaration signed by a Justice of the Peace
When must I apply is there an Application Deadline?
Applications must be received by Student Central no later than five working days after your final exam for the teaching period.
Late applications will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and must include a satisfactory explanation for the
late submission.
Applications may be rejected if they are late s
o it is important to get your application in on time.
Where do I submit my application?
Via AskUNE, is the preferred method for submitting your application, please be sure to attach your supporting
documentation and personal statement.
Alternate methods of submitting your application;
Fax to: (02) 6773 4400
Mail to: ‘Student Central, Lamble Building, UNE NSW 2351’.
Submit a copy to the Student Central Counter in the UNE Dixson Library on Campus.
How will I know the outcome of my application?
You will be notified via your UNE email of the outcome of your application. If approved, your grade when released will
be inclusive
of any consideration. If after consideration is applied, you still do not achieve a passing mark, the Head of
your Academic School or delegate may use their discretion to approve a Special Examination for you, which is a
chance to re-sit the exam in the
following examination period.
Information for Applicants