2020 -2021
Ticket Name
Presidential Candidate
(Please Print your Legal N
ame as it will appear on the ballot)
Phone # Student ID #
Vice President Candidate
(Please Print your Legal Name as it will appear on the ballot)
Phone # Student ID #
(Please initial) I hereby request to be placed on the ballot for the office of ASRCC President/Vice President, and understand that we:
1. Must have RCC as home college of record;
_______ 2. Paid their student services fees;
_______ 3 . Must have a 2.5 cumulative grade point average on all RCC course work attempted;
_______ 4 . Must be currently enrolled in a minimum of six (6) units, with that majority being at RCC, during their term;
_______ 5. Must have completed a minimum of twelve (12) units at RCC prior to the beginning of their term;
_______ 6 . Must have at least two (2) semesters involvement in any of the ASRCC branches, including clubs and organizations;
_______ 7. Must be available to meet every week for Executive cabinet meetings, and monthly shared governance; and Vice
President must be available to meet on TUESDAY FROM 12:45-2 pm for Senate meetings, and monthly shared governance
_______ 8. Must have complied with all election procedures and be in good academic and social standing;
_______ 9. Must submit candidate statement.
(Please initial) I have been made aware and understand the election qualifications
DATE RECEIVED: ________________
GPA: _____ HOME CAMPUS: _________________
Student fees paid: Y or N
_______/ _______
(Please initial) I have been made aware and understand the election timeline
BOTH candidates must complete the proper forms to be placed on the ballot by the set deadline. Any candidate who does not turn in the
candidate forms by the deadline will not be placed on the ballot. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS! Candidates whose names are not
placed on the ballot may run as a write-in candidate. Write-in candidates must meet the qualifications and have turned in a Petition to Run
for Office (200 signatures) one (1) day prior to the election and meet with a Supreme Court Justice/Advisor prior to campaigning for office.
Procedure and Checklist:
 Application: Application to placed on the Ballot form must filled out and turned in to Student Activities Bradshaw 207 by the
deadline. President and Vice President must run as a ticket, elected together, and only one application is required per ticket.
 Student Petition: Each ticket mus
t collect two hundred (200) valid student signatures to be listed on the ballot. The petition can only
be circulated between the set deadlines, and the only attachment that may accompany is a copy of the supplied form of the
 Candidate’s Statement: Each ticket must create a statement of their candidacy. The statement must be computer generated,
emailed to, and a copy attached to this packet before the deadline. The statement must be no more
than one page (8.5" x 11" sheet paper) in Times New Roman, size 12 font and include the candidates name and their ticketname,
and their platform, or why students should vote for them. It should include good grammar, spelling and neatness are veryimportant.
The candidate statement is a document that will be available at all voting locations for voters to read. The Candidate’sStatement
will not be accepted after the set deadline. No graphics
 All candidate documents MUST be received by set deadline and BOTH candidates MUST attend the Candidate’s Meeting to have
their names placed on the ballot. All dates and deadlines are specified on the Election Time Table above. If you have questions
and/or concerns you can contact Advisor Megan Bottoms in the Student Activities Office or the ASRCC Supreme Court.
 After all forms are received and approved by the Student Activities Office, and candidates have attended one (1) mandatory
meeting, the candidate may campaign. See Guidelines for Campaigning for more detailed information on campaigning.
 Tickets need a minimum of 100 VOTES during the election and the ticket with the most votes will win.
Monday April 13, 2020 9 am
5 pm
Tuesday April 21, 2020
Tuesday Apr
il 21, 2020
12-2 pm ATTEND ONE (1) MANDATORY Candidate Meeting TimeVia Zoom
4-5 pm
Campaigning may begin after attendance at one of the mandatory meetings
Tuesday, May 12, 2020
12 - 2 pm
Tuesday and Wednesday
May 12 & 13
Candidate Introduction and Town Hall for students via Zoom during election
lectronic voting opens at 12:00 am on May 12 and closes at 11:59pm
on May 13 A
LL campaigning ends at 11:59
m on May 13
12 pm
Results of election; winners will be emailed and posted on the ASRCC website
Applications Available on the website or by emailing Supreme Court Chief Justice at or Advisor Megan B
ottoms at
Interested candidates are still required to circulate the petition to be on the ballot. Use this
google form link to have students support your candidacy.
Do not include campaign or written material with petition.
Deadline for receipt of application materials to
May 15, 2020
Enrollment and GPA
In elections of the past, more students were disqualified by the enrollment and the GPA requirements than any other requirement.
Candidates should make sure to meet the GPA requirements and that there are no errors in their records before submitting applications.
Candidates may contact the Coordinator of Student Activities for verification of the GPA. It is the candidate’s responsibility to correct any
discrepancies. If a candidate is disqualified because of a GPA or enrollment error, an appeal may be made to the Supreme Court Election
Committee with written proof that the error has been corrected before the deadline. No appeals will be heard after the deadline.
We signify that I read through the election procedures, qualifications, and timeline; and I understand that if I do not meet the qualifications, deadlines, and
campaigning procedures stated in this document, I will be disqualified for candidacy and will not be placed on the ballot.
__________________________________________________________ _______________
President Candidate's Signature Date
__________________________________________________________ _______________
Vice President Candidate's Signature Date
Section: Purpose
The ASRCC shall designate its powers of enforcement of all ASRCC laws, policies, and procedures to its Executive Branch to serve as liaison between
the ASRCC student membership and the administration, faculty, and staff of RCC, and promote and represent the issues of RCC students, in consultation
with their faculty advisor.
Section: Meetings
The meetings of the ASRCC Executive Cabinet shall be held weekly during the fall and spring semesters, and at least two (2) meetings to be held during
both winter and summer intersessions. All Executive Cabinet members shall be responsible for allocating time designated for ASRCC Executive meetings,
committee meetings, and shared governance
Section: Duties and Powers
Be the Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Legislative Officers, and may nominate Representatives to the Executive Treasurer, Executive Secretary, and
Directors of Committees, as well as the Supreme Court Chief Justice positions, to the ASRCC Senate for confirmation. The President shall describe the
duties and powers of any position within his executive cabinet.
Be the official co-host, along with the Vice-President, for all ASRCC government sponsored events.
The President shall Chair the Executive Cabinet and the Vice President shall Chair the Senate, and both shall only vote in the instance of a tie.
Work in conjunction to plan, produce, and execute of all ASRCC resolutions, policies, and procedures.
Shall serve on a minimum of one (1) shared governance committee at RCC, including the RCC President’s Educational Program Oversight Committee.
Serve as advisor to the RCCD Student Trustee and assist in the fulfillment of any duties assigned by the Trustee. If the position of Student Trustee is
vacant and was elected with RCC as their home college of record, the President shall serve as Student Trustee Tempore for the remainder of their term.
The Vice President shall be the Chair of the Executive Cabinet in the absence of the President. He/She shall advise, assist, and be the official co-host, along
with the President, for all ASRCC events. The Vice-President shall succeed to the office of the President and shall assume the office and duties upon its
BEFORE CAMPAIGNING All candidate packets must be submitted to the Student Activities Coordinators for validation. The advisor will check for GPA's
for complete packets, etc. Only complete packets will be considered for approval. All students running for President and Vice President MUST have petition
with 200 valid signatures in the google form, a candidate statement, and a request to be placed on the ballot for candidacy to Student Activities Office. All
valid signatures must include student ID number and student name.
Prior to the candidates meeting, candidates may ONLY campaign verbally, while on campus. Verbal campaigning is defined as speaking to groups no larger
than three (3) RCCD students. Documents to be circulated for signatures may ONLY include copies of the supplied signature sheet and a copy of the
candidate's statement.
After all forms are approved by Student Activities, candidates must attend the candidates meeting. Attendance at the candidates meeting is MANDATORY.
Following the candidates meeting, campaigning commences for those deemed eligible to run. The use of campaign posters and distribution of flyers or
goodies will be permitted ONLY during the official campaign period. Candidates may be disqualified if violations of campaign guidelines are reported and
CAMPAGINING All eligible candidates are allowed to campaign on campus in accordance with the college posting policies and these guidelines. Campaign
election guidelines and information should be distributed via college Student Activities Offices and members of the associated students’
ganizations. All POSTERS & FLYERS must be approved by Student Activities prior to posting. For posting locations and other inquiries please visit the
Student Activities Office in Bradshaw 207 or call (951) 222 8570. Posters: Only (10) ten (8 1/2" by 11") small posters and (2) two large (no larger than 24"
x 36") posters can be posted per college and per candidate. Flyers: They may only be passed out and NOT left unattended on campus. Flyers are to be no
larger than 5”x7 and the number of flyers to handed out is unlimited. All campaign materials must be removed from campus, by the candidate, prior to voting
time and within all-time deadlines as set forward in the Candidate Timeline. If a candidate has no access to secured areas, the Student Activities Office will
be responsible for the removal of posting materials. Social Media: Candidates will be required to submit a log of all eCampaiging to the Election
Committee upon request. All social media settings should be set to public during the election timeline. Social media posts may remain on the
candidate’s timeline provided there are to be no posts/comments/mentions targeted at specific people. Associates may post about a candidate during
elections. Candidates should not disparage or slander other candidates in any form of campaigning. NO ASRCC materials should be used by candidates
and receipts for campaigning materials maybe requested.
**The Elections Committee will handle all election procedures and interpretation of guidelines regarding candidate's conduct during the election process. Failure to comply with any of the stated guidelines may
result in a public grievance hearing or disqualification. Action taken will depend on the severity of the infraction. **All grievance/disqualifications will be handled by the Elections Committee. All grievances must
be submitted in writing to any of the Student Activities Offices no later than seven (7) calendar days after the official posting day of election results.
**The Elections Committee must be comprised by the following:
One Student Activities Coordinator or college official designee
One member of ASRCC Supreme Court
**For details of the grievance process please contact the designated Student Activities Coordinator overseeing the Elections Committee for said election.
(Please initial) I have been made aware and understand the Guidelines for Campaigning
Link to the Google Signatures:
Section 1Election Standard I
In accordance with AP 5400 and Article VI, Section I of the ASRCC Constitution, The ASRCC shall
coordinate an all campus election of to determine the ASRCC President/Vice President and Senators each
academic year. All positions of the ASRCC shall be elected positions for a term of one academic year.
Section 2 – Election Timeline
a. All elections shall be concluded no later than the third week of May of each academic year.
b. The election week shall be announced to the public no earlier than six weeks and no later than four
c. The voting period during election week will be Tuesday beginning at 12:00am and Wednesday at 11:59
d. Unofficial Results shall be posted within 48 hours after the polls closing to the ASRCC website and in a
fully accessible place to the public.
e. All results are considered unofficial until five business days after posting and/or after the conclusion of
any appeals process.
Section 3 – Candidate Application
a. Student Activities and ASRCC shall release elections packets on the Monday four weeks prior to
elections. The packets will be available in the Student Activities office and online for students.
b. Completed packets will be due to the Student Activities eight calendar days after the release date.
c. All candidates will be responsible for returning completed packets to the Student Activities Office by
the submission deadline. A completed packet includes
i. Candidate Application
ii. 200 valid signatures of registered Riverside City College students,
iii. a written candidate’s statement
iv. a current photograph
d. Applicants who have submitted a completed packet before the deadline and meet the following
qualifications, are considered a qualified candidate.
i. Qualifications for President and VP are found in the ASRCC Constitution Article II Section 4
ii. Qualifications for Senate are found in the ASRCC Constitution Article III Section 4
iii. Attend a mandatory candidate meeting scheduled by the Supreme Court.
e. All qualified candidates are placed on the ballot for elections
f. All Qualified Candidates will also be required to attend any public forums prior to elections as scheduled
by the Supreme Court.
g. Once a candidate is considered qualified, they may begin campaigning.
Section 4 – Campaign Materials
Campaigning shall be defined as dissemination of printed and/or digital materials and public statements for or
against any candidate.
a. All Qualified Candidates will be responsible for their own campaign materials throughout the duration
of the election period and adhere to all campaign material guidelines.
b. All candidate campaign materials must clearly state their name and position for which they are running.
c. Campaigning shall consist of flyers, posters, giveaways, digital media, social media, printed media, or
public speaking regarding their candidacy in the ASRCC election.
d. Campaigning before a candidate is qualified may be grounds for disqualification.
e. No candidate shall interfere with the campaigning of any other candidate, or shall they interfere with the
dissemination of information by any student publication.
f. All candidates and their campaign volunteers shall be responsible for the quality, content, and
distribution of any campaign materials.
g. All qualified candidates shall not have access to any college equipment/resources, including ASRCC
h. No candidate shall attempt to gain additional votes by defacing campaign materials of other candidates
or engaging in libelous behavior with intent of fraudulently shifting public confidence away from other
i. All Qualified Candidates are allowed to campaign during the scheduled election times
j. All campaign materials need to be removed from campus within 48 hours after the election.
k. Campaign materials will be posted in accordance with the following rules.
i. Posters and Flyers: All posters and flyers must be approved by Student Activities prior to
a. For posting locations and other inquiries please visit the Student Activities Office in
Bradshaw 207 or call (951) 222 – 8570 or emailing
b. Posters: Only (10) ten (8 1/2" by 11") small posters and (2) two large (no larger than 24"
x 36") posters can be posted per college and per candidate.
c. Flyers: They may only be passed out and NOT left unattended on campus. Flyers are to
be no larger than 8 1/2"x 11". The number of flyers to be handed out is unlimited.
d. Each candidate may have up to three flyers posted on the digital display boards
throughout the campus by submitting to
ii. Social Media: Candidates will be required to submit all social media handles they will use to the
Supreme Court.
a. Any Social media being used should be set to a public setting
b. ASRCC needs to be allowed to follow the candidate’s pages
c. Candidates can campaign using their own social media pages
d. Snapchat is not an approved form of social media and may be grounds for
iii. Digital Media, including website creation, email, canvas posts, blogs, podcasts, vlog, YouTube,
is allowed and a log of content and distribution needs to be maintained and should be submitted upon request from
the ASRCC advisor or Supreme Court.
l. ASRCC should use their social and digital media to promote elections and introduce qualified candidates
to the public but cannot endorse a specific candidate.
j. No campaign materials may be posted:
i. Outside of Riverside City College.
ii. On any motor vehicle.
iii. On any doors, windows, or on non-approved locations on campus.
Section 5 - Campaign Finance:
A candidate may choose to spend money on campaign materials, but it is not required to campaign for an ASRCC
position. Should a candidate choose to purchase campaign materials they must follow the guidelines set forth.
a. No ASRCC funding or materials shall be used to endorse a candidate
b. Candidates who do choose to purchase campaign materials shall not spend more than $300.00 for the
election, and candidates will not be reimbursed for expenses.
c. Candidates are responsible for maintaining all campaign related receipts and expenditures
d. Any donated materials must be assessed at retail value and clearly itemized as part of this $300.00 limit.
e. Each candidate must be able to submit a report of all campaign related expenditures to the Student
Activities Office upon request. The ASRCC Advisor and Supreme Court shall ensure all expenditures are
approved. Failure to do so may be grounds for disqualification.
i. Receipts clearly itemizing any personal funds, and donations.
ii. All sources of gifts, donations, and/or other services to be used in the election.
Section 6 – Voting Procedure
In accordance with the ASRCC Constitution and Election Code, Supreme Court shall be responsible for the
ASRCC elections.
a. The voting time and location of ASRCC elections shall be announced no later than two weeks prior to
the opening of the polls
b. Voting happens electronically through the student portal during the announced times.
c. Students will have digital access to the ballot beginning at the time specified and can access from any
computer by logging into their student portal to cast their vote
d. Students may only cast ballot but can vote for the following:
i. Vote for one President/Vice President ticket
ii. Vote for as many Senators as they want
e. There will be one physical polling location on campus for students
i. There should be no campaign materials at the polling location
ii. Those working the polling location may not actively endorse a candidate while working the
polling location
iii. Qualified Candidates cannot work the polling location
f. All Qualified Candidates and volunteers, may campaign during the election but must remain at least 50
feet from the polling location
g. All qualified candidates are only allowed to enter the voting location to exercise their right to vote.
Failure to comply with these voting regulations result in automatic disqualification.
h. Any promotions or incentives for student voting are at the discretion of the Supreme Court
i. Voting at the ends on the announced day and time determined by Supreme Court
j. Qualified Candidates must receive a minimum number of votes of to be considered viable
i. President/Vice President Tickets need a minimum of 100 VOTES to reach viability
ii. Senators need a minimum of 50 votes to reach viability
k. Winners are determined by a simple majority of those voting in the current election.
i. There will be one President/Vice President ticket winner
ii. There are maximum 50 senate seats available
l. If a tie occurs between two or more President/Vice President tickets, a runoff election will be scheduled
no later than a week after results are posted. The Supreme Court, in consultation with the ASRCC Advisor, shall
be responsible for setting the timeline and manner of the runoff election.
Section 7 – Election Violations
Failure to comply with any of the following is considered an election violation:
a. Failure to comply with Section 4, 5, and/or 6 of this Election Code.
b. Behavior that violates:
i. The ASRCC Constitution, Bylaws and/or Finance Code.
ii. RCCD’s Standards of Student Conduct.
iii. RCCD’s Board and/or Administrative Policies.
c. Any attempt to tamper/manipulate/interfere with or otherwise intentionally disrupt the election process.
d. Any violation set forth in these Bylaws may result in immediate disqualification from candidacy/office.
Section 8 – Grievance Process:
a. Any registered student of the RCCD may file a written, including email correspondence, complaint with
the ASRCC Advisor and Supreme Court throughout the elections timeline up until five business days after results
are posted.
b. The complaint must cite the specific section(s) of the Elections Code and/or any other policy that was
violated and a narrative of the violation that occurred.
c. The ASRCC Advisor and Supreme Court will respond to the grievance within three business day will
review the complaint and determine appropriate course of action.
d. If a violation did occur, and depending on the nature of the violation, the ASRCC Advisor and Supreme
Court shall determine the course of action and/or disciplinary measures. If the violation falls solely under the
Elections Code disqualification of the candidate may be enforced by Supreme Court.
e. If the violation falls under the code of student conduct and/or any RCCD Board Policies/Regulations the
Dean of Student Life or Dean of Student Services shall determine the course of action.
f. Should the violation fall under the Election Code, Supreme Court shall proceed with investigating the
g. All findings are subject to appeal within five business days after the Supreme Court ruling.
h. The ASRCC advisor shall set forth the appeals process, in coordination with the Supreme Court.
i. Once the appeals process is concluded the matter is considered settled and no further action may be
Section 8 – Election Oversight
The ASRCC Supreme Court shall be responsible for the oversight of all the ASRCC elections, including the
a. Creating the Elections timeline and overseeing all matters relating to the elections process up to the
confirmation of results.
b. They are responsible for assembling, making available, and promoting election packets for to entire
student body.
c. Organizing and overseeing all public forums and meetings related to the ASRCC elections.
d. Identifying locations for the voting booth, maintaining the integrity of the voting booth, providing
adequate staffing for the voting booth, securing physical ballots, counting the votes, and posting the results in
accordance with these Bylaws.
e. Participating in the complaint/grievance process in accordance with these Bylaws.
f. Maintaining confidentiality of all results until posted as in accordance with these Bylaws.
g. Refraining from endorsing any candidate, distributing any campaign materials, disclosing any
information about the candidates and/or preliminary ballot counting.
h. Participate in the voting process if they choose to do so and in
accordance with these Bylaws.
i. Any member of the Supreme Court who is on the ballot as a qualified candidate must recuse themselves
from this process.
j. If any member of the Supreme Court, violates the Election Code of these Bylaws, they will be subject to
disciplinary action as determined by the ASRCC Advisor. Such action may include removal from the Supreme