Parades, Street Closure etc., regulated. It shall be unlawful to obstruct the public streets
or rights-of-way before securing a permit from the City Clerk. If the activity does not obstruct pedestrian or
vehicular travel on any public street or right of way, no permit is required. Actual street closure
requests require the approval of the City Manager and the issuance of a permit does not constitute
approval to close a street. The City Clerk shall not issue a permit unless such activity has been approved in
writing by the Cookeville Police Department and the City Manager. The Cookeville Police Department or City
Manager may require the applicant to provide, at the applicant’s expense, traffic control devices such as traffic
cones, barricades, directional signs, etc.; proof of ambulatory services; proof of financial responsibility;
volunteer traffic control personnel and/or off-duty police officers; sanitary facilities; or other needed material or
equipment. Failure to provide any of the requirements specified for the day of the activity may result in the
suspension of the permit by the ranking Police Officer assigned to the activity. The applicant shall post a
deposit, either cash or surety bond, with the City Clerk in the amount of $100.00 to ensure that all refuse; litter,
materials and equipment used in the activity are removed within forty-eight (48) hours after the activity. Said
deposit will be returned to the applicant when all items have been removed to the satisfaction of the Police
Organization/Party Seeking Permit:
Email: Daytime Telephone:
Address: City: State: Zip:
Event Date: Event Time:
Event Description:
Describe Location / Route / Streets to be Closed:
On a separate sheet of paper, attach a diagram / map of the requested location / route.
Is diagram / map attached? Yes No
Is street closure requested? Yes No
Is police escort requested? Yes No
I h
ereby certify that I have read the above and understand the provisions contained therein. I understand that this permit is subject to
revocation for non-compliance and will not be effective for other than the date and time reflected above. I further understand that
failure to vacate the private premises of any person who requests or directs me or my organization to leave shall constitute trespassing.
I agree that the City of Cookeville shall be held harmless by me or my organization for any liability resulting from the activity
pursuant to this permit.
This ______day of _________________ , __________
ned ________________________________________
Applicant’s Signature
Office Use Only
Approved by _______________________________________________ / _________________________________________
Cookeville Police Department City Manager
(Signature must by in red ink to be valid)
Permit Issued by: _______________________________________________________ Date: ___________________________
Authorized City Clerk Official