Registrar’s Office
1. An independent study project must be individually designed and directed toward a definite goal in order to enrich
the educational objectives of the student. It must involve a substantial body of college-level literature, field work,
methodology, and/or theory.
2. A project must be sponsored by a faculty member who will approve the proposal as being worthwhile and
feasible, be available for consultation on the project, and evaluate the student’s performance.
3. Independent study generally requires more time than do regular classroom courses. The amount of credit given
should be consistent with time spent by the student and the level of work required. It is also expected that
independent studies will involve regular meetings with the sponsoring faculty member.
4. Only students with Junior or Senior status who are fully matriculated at King’s College may register for an
Independent Study.
5. The student wishing to do an independent study project must submit the Application for Independent Study to
the Registrar’s Office prior to the deadline for adding classes for the term.
6. The proposal for independent study must have the approving signatures listed below before registration can
take place.
Name Id.No.
Major Box No. Cell Phone
Course No. Title of Study
Credits Semester of Study
Description of Study: Include specific learning goals and relevance of this study to your degree program
and career/professional interests.
- over -
Preparation for Study: Indicate your qualifications as a student for this course in terms of previous
academic work or other experience.
Method: List proposed plan of study and all resources to be used (i.e. readings, research, interviews, site
visits, etc.). Include details of how you and your faculty supervisor will work together to complete the
Documentation: List details of what will be submitted as documentation that the learning objectives have
been accomplished, i.e. paper(s), presentation(s) etc. Also indicate how the study will be evaluated.
Student Signature Date
Faculty Supervisor Date
Advisor Date
Dept Chair in which Credit is given Date
Registrar Date