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Street City State Zip
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May we call you at your work number? Yes No
Email How did you learn of this position?
Were you previously employed by OBU? Yes No If yes, list dates
If hired, would you, with reasonable accommodation, be able to perform all functions
and all necessary job assignments of the particular job for which you are applying? Yes No
If you answer "No," please attach a statement of explanation.
If hired, can you furnish proof you are eligible for work in the United States? Yes No
Have you ever been convicted of any law violation (except a minor traffic violation)?
A "Yes" answer does not automatically disqualify you from employment, since the
nature of the offense, the date and other circumstances are considered. (An applicant Yes No
is not required to disclose any information contained in records of a conviction which
have been sealed by order of a court.)
If you answer "Yes," please attach a letter of explanation including what the conviction
was for and when and where the conviction occurred.
Have you been convicted of a crime which subjects you to the Sex Offenders
Registration Act in Oklahoma or are you subject to another state's or to federal sex
offender registration provisions?
Yes No
you answer "Yes," please attach a letter of explanation including what the conviction
was for and when and where the conviction occurred.
Additional Information
1. Attach a copy of your curriculum vita.
2. If not included in your vita, attach additional statements that provide the following information:
a. Education (degrees and licenses), send official transcripts for undergraduate and graduate
b. Previous Employment History
c. Publications and Presentations
d. Professional Memberships
e. Honors or Awards
Attach statements that address the following (no more than 750 words):
a. Briefly summarize the development of your personal Christian faith and commitment. In what
ways does your faith affect your personal and professional lives?
b. Describe your philosophy of Christian higher education.
4. Provide names, positions, addresses, and telephone numbers for three references who can comment on
your career and character.
Are you presently an active member of a church? Yes No
Name Location
Name of Pastor or Senior Minister Telephone
Are you an 2rdained Minister? 
YeV1R ,f yes, Denomination
Church Activities
Do you have family or friends associated with OBU? If so, please list names addresses and relationship.
The University, in considering my application for employment, may verify the information set forth in this application and obtain
additional information relating to my background. I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application. I certify
that the information on this application is correct and I understand that any misrepresentation or omission of any information will
result in my disqualification from consideration for employment, or, if employed, my dismissal. I understand that this application is
not a contract, offer, or promise of employment and that if hired I will work within the guidelines of the administrative policies and
contractual obligations. Furthermore, I have read, understand and agree to the Mission Statement and the Purpose Statement. If
employed, I pledge to continue to support the Mission Statement and goals as stated in this application.
Signature of Applicant Date
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In compliance with federal law, including the provision of Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972,
504 of the
Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Oklahoma
University does not illegally discriminate
on the basis of race, sex, religion, color, national or ethnic origin,
disability, or military service in its administration of education
policies, programs, or activities, its
policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic or other university administered
programs; or
We will keep this application on file for one year from the date of submission. Any material submitted for this process will not be returned.
As a Christian liberal arts university, OBU transforms lives by equipping students to:
Pursue academic excellence
Integrate faith with all areas of knowledge
Engage a diverse world
Live worthy of the high calling of God in Christ
To achieve its mission, the University has adopted several goals, among which are:
1. To be a Christian learning community where faith and knowledge contribute to the individual’s
awareness of himself and his obligations within a diverse and interrelated society; of truth and its
force; of the joy of discovery and the beauty of existence
2. To cultivate Christian community in which the Baptist principles of individual freedom and dignity as
well as mutual kindness and respect and concern for others are stressed.
3. To encourage a climate of learning where the student may develop the life-long habit of critical
thinking in the search for truth.
4. To identify and communicate the knowledge, experience, and values which constitute man’s cultural
5. To provide opportunities for the student to engage in a serious study of the Bible and learn the
philosophy and tenets of the Judeo-Christian heritage; to instill an awareness of and an appreciation
for the distinctive Baptist contribution to Christian theology and for the values inherent in the
Christian faith; to encourage Christian commitment.
6. To foster an awareness of the needs of the human community and the responsibility of each individual
in an active life of service.
7. To offer a broad-based liberal arts education and specialized professional training in mutually
supportive roles.
8. To afford the opportunity to explore the relevance of all academic endeavors to the Christian life.
9. To make personnel, services and facilities of the institution available to meet appropriate educational,
cultural, and religious needs of its several constituencies.
10. To serve the Baptist constituency through the development of informed, enlightened, sensitive