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2100 N. County Road 25-A, Troy, Ohio 45373
Telephone: (937) 440-5656 Fax: (937) 440-5659
Paul P. Huelskamp, PE, PS mail:
Miami County Engineer
ORC 5543.16: “The owners of land shall construct and keep in repair all approaches or driveways from the public roads,
under the direction of the County Engineer.
The applicant does hereby make application to install:
Residential Drive All Purpose Farm Residence Drive
Field Entrance for farm equipment Ditch Enclosure
Commercial Drive
LOCATION: Township: Sec.: Town: Range:
Road Name:
Is there already an address assigned for this location? Yes No
If yes, what is it?
If no, your new address is:
The Property Owner does agree to the following conditions:
1. During the progress of the work, such barriers shall be maintained as may be necessary for the protection of the traveling public.
2. Traffic shall be maintained.
3. The permit holder shall be responsible for all damages to persons or property due to or resulting from any work performed under
this permit.
4. The berm of the existing road in the driveway area shall be excavated to a minimum of 6 inches to provide satisfactory granular
base material. If a concrete drive is to be installed on a County road, the concrete shall be terminated three feet from the edge of
5. Pipe or conduit shall be installed to the grade line of ditch.
6. If any grading or construction performed under this permit interferes with the drainage of the highway in any way, it shall be the
responsibility of the permit holder to correct same to the satisfaction of the County Engineer.
7. It is agreed that the maintenance and repair of the above installation shall be the responsibility of the property owner and shall be
maintained so that the drainage of the road shall not be impaired.
Property owners name:
Applicant’s name: Date:
Application approved by: Date:
For Paul P. Huelskamp, PE, PS, Miami County Engineer
*This permit is valid for 12 months from date of approval and is non-transferable to other parties.
**This permit is also subject to the terms and conditions as listed on page two of this permit.
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Miami County Engineer’s Office
1. Applicant shall place a stake at the centerline of the proposed driveway,
approximately 10' off of the edge of the pavement, prior to site inspection.
2. This office will inspect the site and determine the size of the culvert needed, if any.
This permit will then be mailed to the address and person listed on the front of this
permit. If a pipe is required, the pipe will be installed per the requirements of this
office. This office will also provide advice on the installation.
3. It shall then be the responsibility of the property owner or his agent to install the pipe
at the grade and location as established by this permit and this office. If the County
Engineer anticipates a setback of the existing ditch line, it shall be the responsibility
of the applicant to grade from the existing side ditch to the new culvert.
4. If a concrete drive is to be installed on a county road, the concrete shall terminate
three feet from the edge of the pavement. After the concrete is in place, the
applicant shall notify this office and asphaltic concrete will be placed by County crews
in the approach between the road and the drive. This office also handles driveway
permits on township roads but does not build approaches on township roads. If your
driveway is on a township road, you need to contact your township trustees to see
how and if they provide this service.
5. When the driveway is completed, you should call the County Engineer’s Office for
final inspection.
6. Mail box supports shall not be larger than 4" x 4" timber or 2½" standard wall steel
pipe. Other supports having a cross section of equal or less breakaway
characteristics may be used with permission of the County Engineer.
7. Prior to commencement of any work (including, but not limited to, driveway
construction), the applicant and/or property owner shall contact the Miami County
Planning and Zoning Office to determine if a FEMA Flood Plain Permit is required.