The completion of this form is required. The fall graduation form deadline is May 1st. The spring and summer graduation form
deadline is November 1st. Failure to return this form by the deadline to the Registrar’s Office could delay your graduation.
Incomplete or illegible information on this form may delay processing and/or result in errors in your name on your diploma or
in the commencement program.
Name: (Please print exactly as you wish it to appear on your diploma.)
Mail Diploma to: Street Address, City, State and Zip
Cell Phone:
Email Address:
Degree Expected:
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science in Education
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Major #1:
Major #2:
(if applicable)
List each minor you will have approved and completed on or before the graduation date:
Indicate semester you will complete all requirements for graduation below: (Semester and Year)
Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
(year) (year) (year)
Malone’s Commencement Ceremony takes place after each Spring Semester. Therefore, the ceremony date in which
you are invited to participate will be determined by your completion date. Please refer to the list below to determine
which ceremony you are invited to attend:
If all requirements are completed by Fall 2019, Spring 2020 or Summer 2020 semester, students will
participate in the Spring 2020 ceremony.
 If all requirements are completed after the Summer 2020 semester, students will participate in the 2021
ceremony or later.
Do you wish to participate in the graduation ceremony? Yes No
If yes, cap and gown order information is needed please provide your height and weight.
(Company uses a height/weight ratio to size your gown. NOTE: If you are not participating, a cap, gown and hood
will NOT be ordered for you.)
Height (in feet and inches, i.e. 5’ 7”) Weight
Type your name phonetically as you wish it to be pronounced:
(For example, last name of Simons, write “Simons sounds like Sigh-mons”)
Traditional Undergraduate’s Graduation Fee is added to your Student Account: The fee is
required regardless of whether you choose to participate in the graduation ceremonies or not.
Office of the Registrar
Please note below any remaining requirements left to complete after the current semester. Review your
degree audit with your academic advisor to use as a guide.
Courses Left to Complete
Course Title
GEN 460
Faith in the World Seminar
Fall 2019
Please review and sign below:
I have met with my academic advisor, reviewed my Degree Audit and understand the graduation requirements
listed in the Malone University catalog. Failure to fulfill any unmet requirement within the deadlines
established may result in changes to my anticipated graduation date and could change the ceremony in which I
may participate. If I have any questions, I will request a meeting with the Registrar’s Office in a timely manner
in order to address any outstanding requirements prior to the graduation deadlines.
Student Signature: (Electronic signatures will not be accepted.)
Return your Application for Degree to the Office of the Registrar via one of the following options:
Drop your application off at the Registrar’s Office located in Founders Hall between 9am – 4:30pm.
Fax your completed form to (330) 471-8661.
Email your completed form to
Note: Feel free to call our office at (330) 471-8128 to confirm that we have received your application.