The BFA program is a pre-professional degree program in art. BFA Alma graduates go on to pursue a
career in the arts.
Junior standing students interested in applying for the BFA program are invited to submit their
application Fall semester.
Application to the BFA program is a two-tier process. First, fill out and print this form. Submit this
document along with your resume, artist statement, and current transcript obtained from registrar’s office
to the department secretary the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Please make sure you have completed
all specified requirements. Second, give an oral presentation of your work for formal review. The week
before fall semester final exam, all BFA applicants will be asked to present their portfolio in front of the
studio faculty. Studio faculty will review all submitted material. Please review the faculty evaluation
guide below on what topics will be evaluated and should be addressed during your oral presentation.
Some example questions needing to be answered during oral presentation: Why do you want to become a
BFA candidate? What materials, processes have you investigated while here at Alma College? What
contemporary or historical artists and movements have inspired you? Talk about the planned trajectory for
senior show. Please present all work in an organized manner.
We prefer live work, but if you are submitting installations or time-based work, please feel free to
supplement your presentation with a slide show.
Below please find the guidelines faculty use in reviewing a BFA application. Make sure to
address these concerns during your oral presentation. Student assessments are demonstrated
through point distribution.
Faculty Evaluation Guide (Total of 65 points)
1- No evidence
2- Little evidence
3- Evident but developing
4- Evidence developing well
5- Clearly evident
Research / Reflection (15 points)
Demonstrated rigorous investigation 5 points
Art historical awareness 5 points
Demonstrate Personal Investigation / Reflection 5 points
Integration of Concept with Material (15 points)
Intentional and effective choice of media to communicate concept 5 points
Demonstrate intentional application of material 5 points
Intentional craftsmanship 5 points
Behavior and Attitudes (20 points)
ability for criticism, ability to respond when presented with technical and intellectual challenges
5 points
willingness to explore materials and processes 5 points
self-motivated 5 points
ability to be focused and seek depth within work 5 points
Professionalism (15 points)
Documents 5 points
Oral Presentation 5 points
Presentation of work 5 points
Due Dates:
Written Application: The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, printed and handed to department chair.
Oral Presentation of Portfolio: The week before Fall semester Final Exams
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Art and Design) Degree Requirements:
Completion of 80 credits in ART (142 overall)
1. 28 Credits, Core Requirements: ART 101, 111, 112, 120, 150, 162, 213
2. 4 additional Credits, Art History
3. 32 Credits, obtain at least one Concentration: choose from the following:
Ceramics: ART 140, 240, 250, 340, 440 and 12 additional credits of pre-approved
electives in the area of concentration
Drawing and Painting: ART 261, 262, 361, 362, 461, 462 and 8 additional credits of
pre-approved electives in the area of concentration
Graphic Design: ART 230, 331, 332, 333, 334, NMS 232, ART/NMS 385, and at least 4
credits from any of the following: ART 222, 224, 430, or other pre-approved electives
from ART or NMS
Photography: ART 224, 324, 424, 425, NMS 232, ART/NMS 385, and at least 8 credits
from the following: ART 222, 320, 460, NMS 204, 210, 220, 381 or other pre-approved
electives from ART or NMS
Sculpture: ART 140, 240, 250, 350, 450, PHY 140, and 8 additional credits of pre-
approved electives in the area of concentration
4. 12 Credits, ART Electives: at least 8 of which must be upper level.
5. 4 Credits, Capstone: ART 501, ART 502
6. Senior Exhibition: Student Exhibition of caliber, Successful Advisory Board and ART Faculty
7. Maintain 3.0 GPA, 3.5 GPA Art Classes
NAME_________________________________________________________________ Current Class
______________________ Year of Graduation _____________ Over-all
GPA______________________ GPA in major __________________
List art courses you have taken, along with instructor:
List area of concentration and credits you have completed and are currently enrolled in.
Have you completed the College’s requirements for graduation? 142 credits? If not, list
requirements still to be met: