201 N. STONE AVE. 6
TUCSON, AZ 85701-1215
(520) 724-6313
Name of Street being abandoned:_______________________________________________
Upon approval of the proposed abandonment, right of way will be conveyed to adjoining owners
of record via “Quit Claim” deed. Please provide the following information pertaining to
applicant’s property adjoining the proposed abandonment area:
1. Owner’s Name:________________________________________________________
2. Property Address or Location:_____________________________________________
3. Assessor’s Tax Parcel # (s):_______________________________________________
4. Section:______ Township:______ Range:______
5. Subdivision or Development Name (if not applicable, write “None”):______________
6. State ALL APPLICATIONS for re-zoning, subdivision, or development plans under
review for adjoining land:
Recording / Reference Number: Docket / Book:_________ Page:_________
Docket / Book:_________ Page:_________
Docket / Book:_________ Page:_________
7. Current use and past uses of the property:_____________________________________
8. Proposed use for applicant’s property:________________________________________
9. Proposed use for abandonment area:__________________________________________
10. Utility Services provided by:
Water:______________________ Electric:______________________
Gas:________________________ TV Cable:_____________________
Telephone:___________________ Sewer:______________________
11. Representative / Agent:
Last First Middle Initial
Mailing Address:_________________________________________________________
Street City / State Zip Code
Phone:_______________________ Email:____________________________________
Does the applicant own property that Pima County may be interested in exchanging for the
proposed abandonment area? ( ) Yes ( ) No
*If yes, provide Assessor’s Tax Parcel number and map identifying the subject parcel and / or
Was applicant the original grantor who / which conveyed the proposed abandonment area to
Pima County? ( ) Yes ( ) No
Was the conveyance to the County a no cost dedication or did the grantor receive compensation?
( ) Dedication ( ) Compensation Received
*If the conveyance was a dedication, attach a copy of any documentation confirming this.
(Examples include: Copy of a deed, agreement, development plan, recorded plat, etc.)*
Submit the following information with the completed application:
1. A statement of pertinent facts and circumstances, with reason(s) for this abandonment
2. Attach documentation evidencing conveyance to Pima County (see example listed
above). If no documents are available, a litigation report from a Title company is required
to be attached to this application.
3. A legal description and location map on 8 ½ x 11 sheet, identifying the proposed
abandonment area. The legal description(s) shall be stamped or sealed by a Registered
Land Surveyor.
(If joint / multiple applicants, include a legal description and map for each applicant’s
requested portion of the proposed abandonment areas. Unless the division of the
abandonment area is by agreement, each description should be for the area within the
extension of the adjoining parcel property lines intersecting the Right of Way lines to the
centerline of the right of way.)
4. Verification of ownership of the property adjoining the proposed abandonment area (Title
Report, recorded deed, etc.)
5. Non-Refundable Processing Fee of $5,000.00.
Application Conditions:
A.) Survey of the proposed abandonment area or other information may be required. The
applicant is responsible for obtaining the survey or any other information, at the
applicant’s cost.
B.) Under state law, Right of Way(s) which are abandoned must be sold to the adjoining
owners or the highest bidder, unless the Right of Way(s) will be abandoned to a
homeowner’s association, or, if the adjoining owner meets the definition of an “Abutting”
owner, whom has previously conveyed the Right of Way. An abandoned Right of Way
will be conveyed to the “Abutting” owner for the consideration paid for the land by the
County. The sale price is in addition to the Non-Refundable Processing Fee of
$5,000.00. Upon approval by the Board of Supervisors, escrow arrangements require an
earnest money deposit of 10% of the sale price. The earnest money deposit will be
refundable only if the abandonment and / or sale is cancelled by the County prior to close
of escrow.
C.) The applicant will be notified by letter if the abandonment is rejected by the Department
of Transportation and if it was not submitted to the Board of Supervisors.
D.) Escrow Services may be used to complete the abandonment(s) process. Abandonments
by exchange require escrow services, and conveyance of exchange property to Pima
County free and clear of debt leins and encumbrances, with a standard form title
insurance policy to Pima County in title to parcels conveyed to Pima County in exchange
for abandoned Right of Way(s). the applicant shall be charged for escrow and title
insurance fees.
E.) Pima County reserves the right to cancel the abandonment at any time prior to closing, or
recording of the deed(s) to complete the abandonment.
I / We have completed the application, acknowledge, and agree to the above listed conditions:
_________________________________________ ____________________
Applicant’s Signature Date