1. Name_______________________________________________________
2. Date________________________________________________________
3. Title of Proposal___________________________________________________________________
Proposals should include the following:
4. Description of Project.
Please attach a description of your project of 500-700 words, which delineates the main features of the
project. (You may attach relevant supporting materials if you wish.)
5. Budget. Total Amount Requested_____________
Please attach complete budget for amount requested.
6. Previous Award. Not Applicable_____________
Please describe on separate attachment what you have accomplished with your most recent R&A
grant. (If possible, give the title of the project and the year of the award.) In lieu of a description, you may list
papers published, submitted for publication, or presented at a conference. If you have never received a Pitzer
research grant, please mark NA above.
7. Other Grant Applications. Not Applicable______________
If you have submitted any grant proposals to off-campus funding agencies in the past year, please
give: title of proposal, agencies to which submitted, and status of your proposal. If you have not submitted any
proposals, please mark NA above.
8. Human Subjects. Not Applicable______________
If your project involves research with human subjects, you will need to submit an application for
approval of your research protocol to the Pitzer College Institutional Review Board (IRB). The application for
IRB review and instructions for submission may be found at
Before an award can be
made, a copy of the IRB approval letter must be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Faculty. For questions
about whether your project requires IRB approval, contact the IRB at Please note that IRB
approval is for a period of one year (see the IRB website for instructions about renewing your application).
9. Test Animals. Not Applicable______________
If you are planning on using
and click on Animal Usage Guidelines.
any non-human animals in your research (excluding fruit flies), you must
submit an application to the Keck Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and receive approval
from the IACUC
before beginning your research. Before an award can be made, a copy of the IACUC
approval letter must be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Faculty. For information see