City of Encinitas
Library Room Use and Reservation Application
Submittal of this application does not constitute approval of use. Confirmation of your reservation will be
emailed when the request is approved. The permit fee balance is due two weeks prior to the event and the
applicant is required to sign an approved Facility Use permit at that time.
After Hours When
Library is Closed
Community Room
Community Room
(After Hours)
Computer Lab
Computer Lab
(After Hours)
PA System & Microphones
Projector & Screen
Equipment Assistance Needed
Piano & Bench
Music Stand(s)
Stage Spotlights
Serving Food
Serving Drinks
Serving Alcohol
Selling Alcohol
City of Encinitas
Library Room Use and Reservation Application
The person signing below declares that he/she has authorization to apply for this permit on behalf of the
Organization and or Applicant above. My signature below signifies that I have read and understand the City of
Encinitas Library Room Use Policy.
Submit completed applications to the City of Encinitas, Front Lobby, 505 S. Vulcan Avenue, Encinitas, CA 92024.
Included a non-refundable deposit of $20 or email to Please contact
Parks and Recreation for additional information, (760) 633-2740.
Hourly Fee
Hourly Fee
Room After
Hourly Fee
Literacy Lab
Category I
No Charge
No Charge
No Charge
City and County Library Uses and
City of Encinitas or County
Library sponsored or co-
sponsored cultural, fine arts,
library programming and
educational events.
Category II
Resident Non-Profit Educational,
Service, Civic Organizations and
other Public Agencies.
Civic groups, service
organizations, public school
districts, foundations, and other
public agencies whose purpose
and programs are beneficial to
the general public.
Category III
Resident Private Groups and
Special Interest Non-Profit
Private educational
organizations, special interest
clubs and homeowners
Category IV
Non-Resident Private Groups and
Commercial Entities.
Private non-resident private
organizations, conferences,
meetings, instructional
programs, business
organization functions, trade
shows, company trainings and
seminars, fairs and events.
Two hour minimum with additional time use charge in one half hour increments
1. Groups using the Community Room and Computer Information Literacy Lab will observe, obey,
and comply with all applicable City, County, State and Federal laws, rules and regulations.
2. No smoking is permitted inside the facility. In addition, no smoking is permitted outside the
building within 20 feet of the main entrances, exits and operable windows. (California
Government Code §§7596-7598).
3. Animals are not permitted unless they are service animals used in aiding an individual.
4. Advertising of Event/Facility Use -Applicant shall not promote their event with the Library name
and address location without a signed, approved Use Permit. Advertising materials used at the
Library (flyers, posters, banners, etc.) shall be submitted to the library and city for approval and
posting and will be displayed when deemed appropriate by the City of Encinitas and as space
permits. Any items posted or distributed which have not been approved, will be removed and
5. General Solicitation, Selling, Advertising at Library - No individual or group shall set up or
maintain any exhibit, show, screening event, act, concert, lecture or similar activity on Library
property without an approved permit from the City of Encinitas.
6. Limited Use - The City of Encinitas reserves the right to limit the use of the Community Room
and Computer Information Literacy Lab.
7. All groups must be under the direction and supervision of their own leadership. There must be
at least one adult present and responsible for each 10 minors at all times.
8. Damage Responsibility - The City is not responsible for damage or theft to any equipment or
property of facility user groups. All facility user groups are solely responsible for the care, safety
and security of their own, leased or contracted equipment and supplies.
9. Storage - Due to limited space, there shall be no overnight storage of equipment and supplies
for facility user groups.
10. Decorations and Signage - All decorations and signage are the responsibility of facility user
groups. Staff reserves the right to request the removal of any decorations that may be
considered a fire hazard or which may be damaging to equipment or facility.
11. Noise Control - Noise levels should not interfere with ongoing library activities or violate local
ordinances. User groups are responsible for controlling noise that could be disturbing to other
activities in the Library.
12. City Right to Enter - Designated Library staff and City officials shall have the right to enter all
portions of the Community Room at all times and occupancies.
1. The primary purpose of the Community Room is to provide a facility to conduct public library
programming services and programs of a cultural, academic fine arts and intellectual purpose.
2. Liability insurance of $1,000,000 is required for all events, except for sedentary meetings. The
City can provide coverage if you are unable to obtain it from a private source. The rates vary
and depend upon the type of event and the number of attendees. If alcohol is being served the
Certificate of Insurance must specifically state “Alcohol Included.”
3. A deposit is required if food or beverage are being served.
Food/Beverage (non-alcoholic) $100
Food/Beverage (alcohol) $300
The deposit fee is refundable upon satisfactory condition of the facility following the event.
4. Alcohol Permits & Fees Applicant is required to obtain all necessary licenses for the service
or sale of alcoholic beverages from the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control
(ABC). If alcohol is being sold or contractually provided (by a caterer, vendor or party planner)
or admission fees are being charged, or donations solicited, an ABC License will be required.
5. Alcohol Use and Consumption An individual shall not transport open beverage container or
consume upon unauthorized areas of library property or parking lot any intoxicating liquors.
Alcoholic beverages are restricted to the Community Room only and restricted to alcoholic
beverages of 15% alcoholic content or less.
6. Red wine, punch grape drinks or other red or purple beverages are discouraged due to the
difficulty of removing stains from carpets, tiles, and furniture.
7. Room Capacity Seated: 170, all attendees must be seated, standing room is not allowed per
the Fire Marshall. Four foot aisles must be maintained.
8. Permit holder will be responsible for set up, take down, and leaving the room in good condition.
All tables and chairs are to be returned to the storage room. This is to be done within the hours
booked by the organization.
9. The Community Room kitchen is not intended for cooking, but rather to provide convenient
space for the preparation of ready-to-serve items. The Library does not provide supplies such
as cups, containers, paper goods, tea and coffee.
10. Recyclables User organization are responsible for sorting and placement of recyclable
materials in designated receptacles.
11. TICKET SALES - Set up a table in the Reception Desk, near the Community Room entrance, to
handle ticket sales. Open one outside door and put the kick stand down for easy access by the
public into the Reception Desk. Give concert attendees a ticket and station a volunteer at the
door during the program to manage accessdo not let anyone in without a ticket. Before the
concert, station two volunteers in the room, one by the kitchen door and one by the patio doors,
as attendees may let people in without purchasing tickets. Secure any cash or checks in a safe
place during the concert. Do not leave money unattended.
12. CD AND MERCHANDISE SALES - Set up a table near the back wall of the Community Room
or in the Reception Desk for merchandise sales. After the concert, you will need to move to the
table and handle sales, unless you have a volunteer oversee this. You may also place your
concert fliers, postcards, business cards, etc. on the table for the public.
1. All Conditions of Use requirements as stated for regular Library hours will be in effect for After-
Hours programs.
2. After-Hours is when a program takes place in the evening, when the library is closed.
Library is open Monday-Thursday, 9:30AM-8PM; Friday and Saturday, 9:30AM-5:00PM;
Sunday 12:00-5:00PM.
3. Non-profit and community arts organizations may rent the Community Room after-hours for
public art programs.
4. After-hour rentals require the presence of an authorized Facility Attendant, City employee or
San Diego County Library employee.
5. The after-hours room rental rate includes the hourly charge of $16 for the Facility Attendant.
Permit holders who exceed the permit end-time will incur an additional 30-minute minimum
charge for the Facility Attendant services.
6. A two hour minimum is required for a Facility Attendant.
7. After-Hours programs must end by 10:00pm.
1. The primary purpose of the Computer Information Literacy Lab is to provide a classroom type
facility to conduct facilitated instructional activities to improve computer related learning,
learning support, and computer research skills.
2. No food or drinks are allowed in the Computer Information Literacy Lab.
3. No technical support is available on-site.
4. Users may not damage equipment, alter computer software configurations or install personal
hardware or software on Lab computers.
5. Users should be aware that Internet sites may contain materials that may be considered
controversial, offensive, obscene, inaccurate or illegal. The City cannot monitor Internet use or
does it control the content of materials users find on the Internet.
6. All Lab Computers with Internet access have a commercially produced filters installed to block
sites that contain specific content that may be considered obscene, pornographic or harmful to
minors. The software only reduces the possibility that users can access sites which may be
inappropriate, and the City cannot guarantee that filters will block everything that might be
considered obscene, pornographic or harmful to minors. Users access the Internet sites at
their own discretion.
7. Permit holder will be responsible for leaving the room and equipment in good condition.
1. Four music stands, two 3’ tall stools, a two person piano bench, plus 150 audience chairs and
20 rolling tables (24” x 60”) are available for use.
2. The Community Room has a public address system with ceiling speakers, 2 cordless mics and
stands, and 1 lavalier mic that clips to the lapel. The control panel for the PA system is in the
storage room on the west wall. Turn on the red power switch at the top. The volume control for
the 4 mics should be set between 3-4. Do not touch or change any other controls. Take the
silver key that is hanging from the antenna on the control panel and open the small wood
computer cabinet in the community room. (If the key is missing, ask the Facility Attendant for
the key.) The drawer inside the cabinet contains the mics and spare batteries. On the cordless
mics, press the left buttongreen is on, yellow is mute, no light is off. Do not touch the button
on the right as the mic may not work. Test the mic(s) to make sure the volume is set to the
desired level. There is a laminated tutorial in the cabinet drawer that gives info on using the
mics, computer, DVD projector and overhead screen. After your event, return the mics, turn off
the equipment, lock the cabinet and return the key.
3. To use the projector screen, turn the key on the west end of the north wall, the screen will lower
automatically. To use the DVD projector, get the key to the computer cabinet, turn on the
computer, press the button on the concrete wall, take the silver remote from the drawer, stand
under the projector and press the on button twice. The red light under the projector will turn on.
There is a laminated tutorial in the cabinet drawer that gives info on using the mics, computer,
DVD projector and overhead screen.
4. If using Media Player software on the computer, the volume control is on the bottom right of the
screen, or you may use the volume control buttons on the keyboard, upper right.
5. GREEN ROOM - The Community Room kitchen, or the Computer Lab, can serve as the Green
Roomget the key from the Facility Attendant. You may leave personal belongings there.
Close and lock the door during the concert for security purposes.
6. CONCERTS WITH PIANO - To use the Steinway B concert grand piano, you will need to get
the piano key and Community Room key from the Facility Attendant. (During library hours,
library staff can provide the keys.). The piano is tuned quarterly and is in concert condition.
Take off the plexi “do not play” sign and unlock the piano cover. Remove the piano cover and
the string cover inside the piano. Unlock the kitchen and place these items on the counter in
the kitchen. Carefully remove the piano bench from the kitchen and carry it to the piano.
The piano cover leaves lint on the piano case. You will need to bring a duster, or soft cloth, to
carefully wipe off the dust.
Do not move the piano. If you do, you will be charged for re-tuning the instrument and risk not
being allowed to rent the room in the future.
After your concert carefully replace the string cover, put on the piano cover and lock it, and
put the sign on top of the piano. Carefully place the piano bench in the kitchen. Return the two
keys to the Facility Attendant.
7. SPOTLIGHTS ON THE PIANO - There are two light controls in the storage room that turn on 8
overhead spotlights, directed at the area around the piano. Use the room key to access the
storage room. There are directions on the controlsset each control to “1”, or high. When you
leave, turn off the piano spotlights. The main room lights will also switch off at the same time.
8. ART EXHIBIT LIGHTING SYSTEM - The Community Room has an LED lighting system for the
visual art exhibit. The system is activated via sensors in the room—it turns on when the room is
occupied. We prefer the lights remain on at all times, unless you are showing a film. If you
want to turn the lights off the switch is in the storage room. When you leave, turn the LED lights
back on.
9. WINDOW SHADES - The public finds the brightness from the windows makes it difficult to see
the musicians during a performance. We recommend you lower the 4 center black window
shades to the floor. You will still be able to see the view. When you are done, raise the shade
nearest each set of patio exit doors, leave the 2 shades behind the piano lowered to protect the
10. PREFERRED CONCERT SETTING - For the ideal concert setting, we recommend the piano
spotlights and art lighting system be turned on and the overhead ceiling lights be turned off, or
on the lowest setting4. If it is daytime or dusk, lower to the floor the 4 black shades behind
the piano to eliminate the bright glare from the windows for the audience. If the sun has set, you
may raise the shades to enjoy the remainder of the sunset
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