* If necessary, Please attach separate sheet for additional owners. Unless otherwise specified
all written correspondence will be sent to the listed agent. If no agent is specified, all
correspondence will be sent to the property owner.
Address or Property Location:
Subdivision Name:
Lot(s): Block(s):
Total Property Area (to nearest 1/10
of an acre or sq. ft.):
Present Zoning: Present Use of Property:
Flood Zone Category: Garage in back half? Yes No
Front yard setback required Front yard setback requested
Rear setback required Rear yard setback requested
Right Side yard setback required Right Side yard setback requested
Left Side yard setback required Left Side yard setback requested
Purpose of variance request
Property Owner
Planning Division
P.O. Box 848
55 Grinnell Plaza
Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone: 307.675.4226
Fax: 307.674.2195
1. Please select the situation that applies to your variance request (Sheridan City
Code Appendix A §14.4):
Temporary and conditional permit for a building or use in an undeveloped
section of the city (2 years max.).
Temporary permit for commercial building or structure incidental to
residential development.
Variance to allow the extension of a preexisting nonconforming building
(constructed prior to May 1948).
Variance from zoning ordinance requirements to allow the appropriate
development of a lot adjacent to a nonconforming use.
Area variance (setback, etc.) to allow appropriate development of a lot
with exceptional geographical or topographic conditions.
Sign variance for an alternative proposal which prevents damage to a
historic façade in the Downtown Business District.
Use variance under WS §15-1-608(b)(iii) to allow continued operation of a
business that has existence in violation of the Zoning Ordinance for more
than five years without the city notifying the owner or taking action (Note:
The property owner bears the burden of proof in documenting the history
of business operation. Please attach copies of appropriate documentation
to this application)
2. Per Sheridan City Code Appendix A §14.4, variances may be granted when they
will not be contrary to the public interest,” and “where owing to special conditions
a literal enforcement of the provisions of this ordinance will result in unnecessary
Please explain below the hardship that exists for the property for which a
variance is sought. Hardships should be related to unique features of the
property or historical conditions. Attach additional pages if necessary.
I hereby certify that the information in this application is true and correct. I have read this
application and understand that other review processes and fees may be required prior to
applying for and receiving Building Permits and/or final plat approval. I hereby authorize the
listed agent to act on my behalf throughout the City review and approval process for this
application and supporting documents. I understand that all communication regarding this
application and supporting documents will be transmitted to my listed agent, unless I specify
differently in writing.
_______________________________________ _______________
(Signature of Property Owner) (Date)
_______________________________________ _______________
(Signature of Property Owner) (Date)
Pre-application Conference
Pre-application conferences are recommended prior to submittal of variance applications. The
purpose of these meetings is to discuss the requested variance, and to become familiar with city
code requirements and procedures. Applicants are strongly encouraged to avail themselves of
the City’s Development Review Committee (DRC), which allows the applicant to speak with all
City divisions that may review the variance application. Pre-application and DRC appointments
can be scheduled by contacting Sue Goodman, Planning Technician, at (307) 675-4226 or by e-
mail at
Submission review
All applications are subject to completeness review prior to acceptance by the Planning Office
for routing and review. The variance application checklist details the required number of copies
and documents needed to complete the application submittal. In order to ensure clarity and
efficiency in the review process, application submissions will be received by appointment only.
The applicable checklist must be submitted with this application. Incomplete application
submissions will not be accepted, and will be returned to the applicant.
Contested Case Hearings
Since Board of Adjustment meetings may involve appeals of City staff interpretations or
enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance, a meeting may be conducted as a contested case
hearing governed by the Board of Adjustment bylaws and state law. Contested cases require
additional time and preparation on the part of City staff, as well as securing the services of a
court reporter.
Public Hearings and Notice
Variance requests require a single hearing before the Board of Adjustment. Public hearings
require notice through newspaper legal ads, nearby property mailings, and signs posted on the
property. The City Planning Division will submit the ad for the paper and notify nearby property
owners. Due to press and Board of Adjustment requirements, legal notification must be placed
approximately three weeks prior to the public hearing. No public hearing will be scheduled until
the application has been deemed complete, and staff review comments have been addressed.
* Applicants are encouraged to attend a Development Review Committee meeting to vet their variance
request through City staff.
Last Revised: 6/2017
Variance Application Checklist*
Description: A variance application is a request to deviate from the strict application of the
zoning ordinance for reasons of hardship caused by unique property characteristics. WS §15-
1-608(b)(iii) also allows for use variances to be granted in certain instances for businesses
that have existed for at least five years.
Submittal Items:
A completed Variance application
A completed Variance application checklist.
The application review fee.
The applicant shall also submit the following items in electronic format.
An updated electronic file listing the names and addresses of all property owners within three
hundred feet from the boundary of the proposed subdivision (List must be obtained from the
Sheridan County Planning Office and be no more than 14 days old at the time of submittal).
A surveyed site plan accompanied by 8 hard copies, showing the following information:
o A written legal description
o Boundaries of the property, drawn to scale
o Existing zoning
o Existing structures and improvements
o Title, scale, scale bar, north arrow, name and address of applicant, name and address of
preparer along with surveyor’s signature and seal (licensed within the State of
Evidence by deed or other staff approved documentation, that the applicant is the record owner
of the property.
For applicants seeking a use variance under WS §15-1-608(b)(iii):
Documentary evidence that the business in question has been in existence for at least 5 years.
Post Approval/Instrument Recording Items:
Filing fee
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