An Appeal for Standards of Academic Progress Status form is used to restore prior academic status.
Name: ECC ID#:
Address: City, State, ZIP:
Cell Phone: Home Phone:
ECC Email:
I am appealing my SUSPENSION academic status for the following academic period:
Summer o
f _ Fall of Spring of
Steps to complete in order to be considered for an APPEAL:
1. Complete the top portion of the Appeal form.
2. Compose a one page, typed statement explaining what caused your failure to comply with ECC’s
Standards of Academic Progress, what steps you will take to improve your academic performance, and
why you wish to continue as a student at ECC. Please ensure that you fully describe your individual
situation and intended course of action.
3. Submit both the completed Appeal form and one page typed statement to:
Peggy Gundrum
Associate Dean of Advising,
Transfer & Career Development Services
Elgin Community College
1700 Spartan Drive, B120
Elgin, IL 60123
4. You
r appeal will be reviewed to determine whether your circumstances warrant reinstatement or require
additional discussion. You may be required to schedule an appointment with the Associate Dean.
5. You will be notified in writing within 10 days after submission regarding the outcome of your Appeal.
______________ _____________________ _______________________________________________________________
By s
igning below, I acknowledge that if my appeal is approved, it will be for the requested academic period ONLY. My
ability to continue taking courses at ECC beyond the requested academic period will be contingent on my term SOAP
GPA at the end of the subsequent term.
Student Signature Date
Peggy Gundrum, Associate Dean of Advising, Transfer & Career Development Services Date
Max Cr. Hrs.
XPTE Entered
Status Change Requested
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