NGB FORM 594-1, 20140302
The proponent agency is ARNG-HRH. The prescribing directive is the Army National Guard Accession Options Criteria.
Section II - Agreements
Section III - For All Direct SMP Enlistments / Reenlistments
Section IV - For Current ARNG Members Electing Participation In SMP
1. I hereby agree to this amendment of my previous Agreement as follows and understand that:
required to complete basic training prior to enrollment in the Advanced ROTC Course. a. I
b. I am required to apply for enrollment in the Advanced ROTC Course, if not already enrolled, within 1 year from the date of this Amendment.
c. Should I be a member of the USAR Control Group (ROTC), I will be discharged from the USAR Control Group (ROTC) and transferred for enlistment /
reenlistment in the ARNG.
d. Should I later be awarded an Army ROTC scholarship, which does not provide for Reserve Forces Duty (RFD), or is not a 2 year Junior Military College
Scholarship, I will be discharged from the ARNG and transferred for assignment to the USAR Control Group (ROTC) prior to acceptance of such scholarship.
e. I may not, when a commissioned officer, apply credits which stem from enlisted service performed concurrently with Advanced ROTC Course training toward
computation of length of service for any purpose.
f. I will volunteer for comissioning under the ROTC Early Commissioning Program if upon completion of the ROTC Advanced Course I am not scheduled to
receive, within 8 months, a baccalaureate degree.
g. Upon becoming a SMP participant, I must have 4 years remaining on my original or extended enlistment / reenlistment contract in the Selected Reserve from
date of enrollment in the SMP.
h. Unless I obtain a Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) contract prior to enrollment in Advanced ROTC, I will serve with the ARNG after commissioning until
I obtain a baccalaureate degree. Upon obtaining the degree, I will then be selected for either Reserve Forces Duty or Extended Active Duty according to the needs
of the service. GRFD cadets with a dedicated ARNG scholarship, must serve their commitment in the ARNG.
2. Additional details of my participation in the SMP are outlined in the remarks section.
3. My enlistment / reenlistment in the ARNG is for the purpose of directly participating in the Simultaneous Membership Program. As a participant in the SMP,
I understand that:
a. If I fail to apply for enrollment in the Advanced ROTC Course, as required I will:
(1) Be deleted from the SMP
(2) Be retained in the enlisted grade held prior to participation in the SMP
(3) Be required to execute the terms of my enlistment / reenlistment agreement excluding this amendment, and
(4) Complete Basic Training (BT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) if not previously completed.
b. If I apply for enrollment in the Advanced ROTC Course, but fail to be accepted, then I may:
c. If I am enrolled in the Advanced ROTC Course and fail to volunteer for ECP, and as required, fail to accept a commission or fail to be tendered a commission,
then I will be deleted from the SMP and be required to continue in an enlisted status as if I had failed to apply for enrollment (para. 3a, above).
(1) Elect deletion from the SMP in order to continue in an enlisted status as if I had failed to apply for enrollment (para. 3a,above), or
(2) Elect discharge as a Reserve of the Army and as a member of the ARNG.
4. As a current ARNG member, my original enlistment / reenlistment agreement is to be held in abeyance in order that I may participate in the SMP. As a participant in
the SMP, I understand that -
a. Upon acceptance into SMP, I am not eligible to continue in the ARNG Incentive Program. (Refer to applicable Incentive agreements for Termination and
Recoupment terms)
b. If I am disenrolled from or I fail to complete the Advanced ROTC Course, or fail to be tendered a commission or accept a commission, or fail to volunteer for the
ROTC Early Commissioning Program, then provisions of para. 3a, above, apply.
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am am not
Title 10 USC Section 12101 and 12103, Title 32 USC Section 301 and 304.
This is an annex to the DD Form 4, allowing the enlistee to pursue a commission as an officer through the Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC).
The original will be maintained in the Soldiers Official Military Personnel File or electronically filed in a DoD approved system. A copy will be maintained by the MILPO for
state records. For organizational use only.
Voluntary; However, applicable portions must be completed if the applicant desires to be enlisted in the Army National Guard under the Simultaneous
Membership Agreement.
Section I - Administrative Data
pplicant's Name (Last , First, M.I.)
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NGB FORM 594-1, 20140302
Section V - Confirmation of SMP Agreement
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PMS's Signature Date
Typed Name and Grade of Professor of Military Science
5. My acceptance into the SMP is based on my desire to volunteer for the program which requires enlisted status for eligibility.
I certify that I have carefully read and understand this docu
ment. Any questions I had were explained to my satisfaction. I fully understand that only those
lude brief description of any recorded document other than this agreement.)
agreements in section A and of this document, or those recorded and acknowledged by me, will be honored. Any other promise,
representation, or commitment made to me for the Simultaneous Membership Program is written in my handwriting, or here waived. (If none, write "NONE").
ROTC Program
Unit Commander's Acceptance
(and if signing, their designee)
Commander's Signature Date
Unit Name and Address (for which enlisted)
State OSM Authentication
Typed Name and Grade of Officer Strength Manager
DateOSM's Signature
State Recruiting Commander Name and Grade
This document is null and void until ALL signatures are completed and returned to HQ, Cadet Command
Name of School Applicant MS Year
Scholarship Type:
Dedicated Guard Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD)Non-scholarship
Conversion GRFDConversion Dedicated Guard
Unit POC
Unit Phone
Typed Name and Grade of Unit Commander
GRFD Control Number Required:
Yes No
GFRD Control Number
UIC Position Paragraph Number Line Number
Applicant's Signature Date
Typed Name of Applicant
Phone number:
I, the undersigned, acknowledgment of this incurred obligation as an officer in the Army National Guard. I am required to remain in an
active status in the Army National Guard for the remainder of my original statutory obligation or eight years from the date of my state
appointment, whichever is later.
Fellure, Michael, E., LTC
Arkansas State University (Affi
Kelley, Lorne, D., MAJ
____ Must Commission ARNG (Yes/No) _____ Book Allowance (1,200 Year) (Yes/No) ____ FTA (Yes/No)
____ Kicker** (Yes/No) _____ 8 Year Obligation (Yes/No) ____ NGTA** (Yes/No)
____ Stipend (Yes/No) _____ MGIB (1607)**(Yes/No) ____ E-5 Cadet Pay (Yes/No)
* Cadet's MGIB & Kicker will terminate if accepting more than a 2 year GRFD Scholarship. Cadet is not authorized MGIB, Kicker, or
FTA if receiving any Scholarship benefits.
** Pending his/her meeting qualification for benefit
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