Major/Educational Goal Change Form
Name: ________________________________________________________________ Student ID: __________________
Summer Fall Spring Year: ______________ Phone: (_____) _______________
I understand that major changes made after the start of the current term will go into effect for the following term. If I choose to have a major change
backdated to be effective for the current term, I acknowledge this change could impact my eligibility or participation in programs and services, including
financial aid. I have been advised to discuss my major change questions with my counselor and/or program/service offices before I make a change to my
New Major: ____________________________________________________________ Major Code: ____________________
Educational Goal: Please circle your desired educational goal on the list below.
A Obtain an Associate Degree and transfer to 4-year
I Maintain Certificate/License (e.g. Nursing, Real Estate)
B Transfer to 4-Year w/o an Associate Degree
J Educational Development (intellectual, cultural)
C Obtain a 2-year Associate’s Degree w/o transfer
K Improve Basic Skills in English, Reading, or Math
E Earn A Vocational Certificate w/o transfer
L Complete Credits for High School Diploma or GED
F Discover/Formulate career interests, plans, goals
M Undecided on Goal
G Prepare for New Career (acquire job skills)
N To Move from Non-Credit to Credit Coursework
H Advance in current job/career (update job skills)
O 4-Year college student meeting 4-Year Requirements
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