Created 05/01/14
111 La Mina Avenue, Ajo, AZ 85321 ** Telephone: (520) 387-7684
dering Recordings of Proceedings
CDs are available in Windows Media Audio (WMA) or FTR format. The cost for any requested format is $20.00.
Payment is required at the time of request. Make check payable to Ajo Justice Court or call (520) 387-7684 to
pay over the phone. Should more than one CD be required, we will contact you for additional payment prior to
completion of the recording.
A single Windows Media Format CD can hold up to 20 hours of compressed audio. This makes for a cost effective
way for private parties and law firms to access the audio recording from your personal computer.
The F
TR Format CD offers compressed, 4 channels, audio and is ideal to provide to a transcription company if a
written record of proceedings is needed. A $50.00 deposit is required for this service.
You will need to download the latest FREE player from FTR Limited to listen to the 4-channel audio on your PC.
Simply go to
and click on the icon to download the free player. The player will allow you to
review the audio from the proceeding. (User Guides, Quick Reference Cards & Computer based training are also
available in the support section of the FTR website). This download is similar to downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Tranz is a local company capable of providing certified transcriptions of FTR recordings. More information
concerning this service can be found on the web at
or by calling 520-403-8024.
Please complete the information below to initiate your request.
Digital Recording Request
WMA Format Audio (Plays on a computer) FTR Format (Must Download FTR Player)
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Case Information
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Case Number: Date of hearing: _____________ Time of Hearing: ___________
Judge’s Name:
it request to: Ajo Justice Court
111 La Mina Ave
Ajo, AZ 85321 OR Fax: (520) 387-6028
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